Poacher Shoots Trophy Elk in Idaho

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An elk that frequented the area near Townsend Gulch southwest of Bellevue, Idaho was shot the weekend of October 15th-16th. The elk had 7 points on each side. Poachers didn't even finish off the elk, they had left him injured after shooting him. Fish and game officers had to kill the injured animal. The meat will be donated to needy families, and the antlers have been taken by fish and game. Fish and game say this was a known trophy elk that lived in the area, and are asking for help with their investigation.

Killing an elk on private property carries a penalty of loss of hunting license for one year. Hunting without a tag carries a fine of at least $600 plus court costs, Kelton Hatch, spokesman for the Magic Valley Region of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game said.

Anyone with information is urged to call the Citizens Against Poaching hotline at (800) 632-5999. Hatch said that while the department receives anonymous reports from the hotline, callers are still eligible for cash rewards if information leads to the poacher's arrest. From Idaho Mountain Express.


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Another poaching case on a

Another poaching case on a trophy animal. I hope like in all cases like this that the poacher is caught and the maximum penalty is enforced. It's just sickening how often these things keep happening and how often people seem to get away with it. In this case it seems just for the pleasure of firing the shot and nothing more. I'm a long way from home right now but just heard of a similar case in Rifle, Colorado. I guess some guy killed atrophy buck in or close to town but in this case he has been caught. Previous felony record so no license and then threatened people to keep quiet about it. I may have details wrong but will find out more when I get back in a few days.

Again I hope the maximi=um penalty is enforced in all these cases.

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I'll blow the whistle everytime

I can't stand it when someone breaks laws pertaining to wildlife and fisheries.  Most times I'm pretty matter of fact about it and will let someone know if I see something that isn't within the law.  Others I won't hesitate to make a call.  Sounds to me in this article the poachers got scared and took off.  I was starting to think there were no game wardens in Georgia but on Opening Day I finally spotted one taking information from some hunters on how opening day was going.  No crime just making a presence and guinue interest in the safety and success of hunters in thre area.  Back in Maine I always saw game wardens and have been approached several times.  They do a great job and admire their duty.  I feel the state of georgia should invest in more wardens.  I hear way to many stories that make me uncomfortable.  Its just way to common place.  It why I won't hunt in public land.  Just too many stories out their that I would rather side on caution and just not go into a public hunting area.

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I too am glad the title is

I too am glad the title is "Poacher's" Another title that would be ok with me would be Criminals. This sounds like a great trophy bull elk. Too bad he was shot by some low live criminals though. He would have looked very good mountain on a hunters wall. I really hope someone knows who this person or people are who commited this criminal act.

Sounds like the person need to spend a bit more time at the range. He didn't even deliver a fatal shot and didn't actually kill the animal. I'm not sure exactly why he didn't takea fallow up shot or even put the animal down but that is just unexcusable.

I think the penelty is a bit on the soft side for my likeing. I think the penelty should be a lot stiffer than loosing hunting licence for just a year. Maybe in the 5-10 year range. The fine should be more in the $10,000 range if you asked me. States need send a message to these criminals that this stuff won't be tolerated. I am glad to see the meat is going to a good cause. These days people are struggling to feed their families so it's nice to see the meat will be going to one or more of these families.

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Glad the article reads

Glad the article reads POACHERS and not hunters as hunters would not do this. What a sickening lose or a true trophy animal. At least the animal was not wasted but it is still a bad situation and I hope they can nail these poachers.

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  Also - I ran into a DOW


Also - I ran into a DOW officer two weeks ago while on my 1st rifle bull elk hunt.  He explained that the illegally harvested animals he finds are now given to hunters at an age that are no longer able to get out into the fields or woods to hunt versus giving them to those that claim they are the "poor and hungry" because he was tired of them picking up the animals in brand new 2010 or 2011 trucks while he was still driving a 2001 vehicle.  I think that was a great idea to give the meat to those that really appreciate it!



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  Cowards and thieves... and


Cowards and thieves... and poor shooters as well.  These individuals (not true hunters) are definitely thieves and deserved to lose their hunting priviledges for far longer than one year.

The poachers obviously knew the animal was on private property or else they would have spent more time harvesting their animal.  Or if after shooting it on public property they failed to follow through if it had crossed onto private property.

Or maybe this hunter or hunters need more time at the shooting range in order to be able to deliver a killing shot?!?!

If you cannot control the use of the "Governor's tag" and continue to have poachers selling it for $20,000.00 then you need to get rid of it.

I hope they find those poachers and bring justice to this situation.  I am happy to know that the meet is going to a family in need.