Pleasant Valley Elk Gets a Reprieve

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If you've been following the story on the bull elk that escaped from a farm in Greene County, Pennsylvania, here is some more to the story.

Kentucky Game and Wildlife biologists came up to West Virginia to assist with tranquilizing and transporting the elk to the West Virginia Wildlife Center. Kentucky has an elk population, and their biologists were better equipped for handling this elk. Currently he is not on display, as there is another bull elk at the Wildlife Center. The elk was tested for bovine tuberculosis and brucellosis, and those tests came back negative. There is no test that can be done on a live animal for CWD, and sometimes symptoms don't show up for years. Now this elk is captive, and cannot spread the disease to animals in the wild if in fact he did contract it.

At first officials wanted to kill the elk, then they wanted to transport him back to the farm in Pennsylvania where he came from. Two Pennsylvania agencies were against this, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and Pennsylvania Game Commission. West Virginia has had cases of CWD, and this could be the reason the Pennsylvania agencies do not want the elk back in their state. But it should be noted the elk had traveled back and forth grazing across the state lines, and the West Virginia CWD area is 100 miles from where this elk has been living. From The Charleston Gazette.