Pittsbourgh Zoo Officials Set Trap for Alligator

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The alligator that made its home at Beaver Run Reservoir in Pennsylvania recently, has found a reprieve. Officials have decided instead of letting nature and jack frost take its course - they are going to try to trap, then remove it and take it to the zoo. Public support for the alligator is what brought the officials around on the matter.

The alligator is estimated to be 5 feet, but usually estimates are off. A 7 foot trap was being made and will be set on the shore line of the reservoir where the alligator has been seen. Frozen alligator snacks will be used to lure in the alligator, first herring, then if that doesn't work, chicken and other meats will be tried.

Henry Kacprzyk, curator of reptiles at the zoo is confident that they will be able to trap the alligator. He said the reservoir's temperature was at 62 degrees which is comfortable for an alligator, and is expected to stay that way for a couple more weeks before it gets too cold. From MSNBC.com.


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  I am glad the reservoir


I am glad the reservoir officials came to their senses here and are allowing the zoo curator of reptiles to trap the alligator. 

I think I remember reading in the first article that the zoo already had an alligator on exhibit so this was only going to be a temporary home if they caught this one.

They should easily catch this alligator.  It will be good to see it sent to another zoo and be a great learning exhibit rather than a dead gator in somebody's reservoir.

Kudos to the public support and pushing this into action.


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I'm glad to see City

I'm glad to see City officails came around and changed their minds. I'm sure the gator got a ton of supports from people fallowing the story. It will be nice to follow up on this to see if Zoo workers were sucessfull in trapping the gator. Maybe I missed it but was the Zoo going to be a permanite home for the gator or was it just going to a temporary home. It would be kind of cool to see a gator at a zoo. Our local zoo doesn't have gators in the reptile section, only snakes and small lizards. I think my kids would like seeing one in person too. I still hope law enforcement will be able to find the person who dumped the gator in the lake to begin with. That person needs to be held responsible for his/her actions and even pay to have the gator trapped and removed.

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Well it'd good to see that an

Well it'd good to see that an effort is going to be made to catch this guy and at least give him a chance to survive. Hopefully it won't be too hard as long as they know where he generally lives he's probably getting hungry by now as he might not have the skills he needs to eat enough in the place he was dumped. Much better than just letting him die when it gets colder out anyway.

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Swisher, I love it!  Rotten

Swisher, I love it!  Rotten chicken!! lol

This should be fun to follow along with, to see if they can actually catch the alligator.  At least it's a group from the zoo trying it.  But heck, you could hire the swamp people to come up for it.  Then we could have the Hillbilly Handfishers come too. Wink

Hopefully they will be able to trap this guy.  I feel bad that someone just dumped him there, probably thinking that he'd have this big'ol lake to wander around. Too bad that whoever did it, didn't have the forward thinking to see that winter was right around the corner.

Good luck Zoo people!

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Start with proper bait

Come on boys I've watched swamp people.  Rotten Chicken is the bait of choice why are you all messing around with fish?  Should have just called Troy to come on up there and show you how its done.   Alligator all the way up there.  Would be interesting to know where it came from.  Could have been the start of an urban legend if left alone.  The BRR Monster.

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ha! troy is my favorite

ha! troy is my favorite too.

I admire his work ethic, and his success at his occupation is definately the result of that ethic.