Photographer Catches Bobcat on a Saguaro

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Last month we mentioned some photos of a mountain lion treed on a saguaro. Well apparently cats must have more of an affinity for cacti than originally presumed. has a story and a slideshow of a bobcat that was photographed perched on top of a giant cactus.

Photographer Curt Fonger captured some great images of a bobcat that climbed a saguaro Tuesday. Fonger's friend says the bobcat ran through the grounds at Smiling Dog Landscape in Gold Canyon. A mountain lion was running after the bobcat, probably looking for breakfast.


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That is a crazy story and

That is a crazy story and even some better pictures.  I would love to see how he got up there, but I think it would have been almost better to see how he got down from there.

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This is funny, my local news

This is funny, my local news did a story on this tonight, seems pretty cool, the story was the bobcat was being chased by a cougar and high tailed it up the cactus. glad omeone got it on camera. it would be nice to have a picture of the coigar actually chaseing the bobcat up the cactus

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It's difficult to tell how

It's difficult to tell how tall that cactus is, but I'd guess somewhere around 30 feet. It not only loks like a good place to seek refuge from a bigger cat, but also a good place to sit while looking for lunch!