Photo Evidence Leads to Conviction

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Yukon residents Alan Robinson, John Robinson and Jean-Claude Masse were first charged in 2009 with illegally killing caribou. They lawyered up and claimed to have killed the animals legally and denied any wrong doing. Yukon conservation officers are credited with good investigative work in finding photographic evidence that proved the trio of hunters were in the wrong.

The conservation officers found pictures of the trio of hunters, from a 2007 hunt. The area was in the Finlayson Range area, which is a non permitted zone for caribou hunting. With the pictures from the online trophy hunting page, and other pictures of the area the lawyer and the trio could no longer deny that they did indeed kill the caribou in a closed zone.

"Well it's evolving. A lot of people in law enforcement are realizing that social media can be a source of evidence sometimes and we are certainly ready to explore those options when it's available to us. It can be quite compelling," said Kris Gustafson, an enforcement manager for Environment Yukon.

The three men were ordered to pay $5,000 each, forfeit two ATVs that were used in the hunt, and lose their hunting privileges for at least 5 years. From