Philippines Newest Celebrity Not Eating

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By now most have heard about the huge crocodile that was captured in a creek in the southern Philippines. The over 20 foot long saltwater crocodile, nicknamed Lolong, has not eaten since it has been captured six days ago. Wildlife official Ronnie Summiler reports that the crocodile is being closely observed for signs of stress, but it is actually normal for crocodiles not to eat every day, and crocs the size of Lolong probably have a lot more reserves and don't have to eat as regularly. Lolong could go for six months without needing to eat.

Lolong has been placed in a 8,611-square-foot (800-square-meter) pen secured by 4-foot (1.22-meter) tall concrete walls topped by welded wire in Bunawan township, where he was caught last weekend.

There were reports that viewers were throwing stones at Lolong to get him to move. He did not react to the dead chicken placed by him either, to whet his appetite. The director of the government's Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau flew in to check on Lolong's status.

Lolong is estimated to be 50 years old and weighs in at over a ton. Checks are still being done to see if Lolong is the largest crocodile captured in history. Villagers are feeling a little safer now that he has been captured. There are still large crocodiles in the creek though, a fisherman who has been missing since July was assumed to have been eaten by a crocodile. When Lolong was induced to vomit there were no human remains. From The Associated Press.


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  Now that is one heck of a


Now that is one heck of a large crock!!!  It appears that the crock did in deed recover from its capture and has made himself sort of a celebrity.  Here is the link to an updated article on Lelong -

The government is making money off of Lelong.  They charge to view the crock.  It also appears that there is a larger crock within the same water area that is supposedly still on the loose. There are crock hunters working to capture it and a large pen being built to hold these crocks.


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That's one heck of a

That's one heck of a crocodile but it's no surprise the way he's being treated over there. My wife if from the philippines adn has heard all about it. She is totally Americanized but I know from her family stories and the news that we get that they do not in general have the same regard for wildlife that most of us here do. Due to the wonders of Comcast I have to sometimes endure television programming from over   Hopefully due to the press he is getting someone will step in to help out and either get him releaaased or into a more favorable liveing environment.

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I am just glad they haven't

I am just glad they haven't killed it yet.  most areas of that part of the world would have killed it already.  I am thinking that it just waiting for the right time then it will eat. (someone taking care of it) If it has be alive now for 50 years it nows whats up.  I think the best thing for that Croc would be to leave that area and get the right care from someone that is not going to let people throw rocks at it or tess it. 

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I would think that an animal

I would think that an animal of that size would be under a tremendous amout of stress let alone people throwing rocks at him, so i do not think I would wanna eat either.  Plus I would think he would rather kill his food than have a dead chicken thrown to him.  Then you have me riding around on a embrassing.  Hopefully he comes around and gets better and gets to place to be properly taken care of.

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How do you induce vomiting on

How do you induce vomiting on a two thousand pound crocodile? Someone stuck there had down it mouth or what? I'm sure it wasnt the latest up to date technique as they dont even have the equipment to tranquilize it.

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Yeah, funny huh?  I was

Yeah, funny huh?  I was thinking the same thing, how to make him vomit... lol

That's one heck of a crocodile!  I hope it is just a normal thing where it is not hungry now, and only eats every so often.  If it is stress related, I hope they would consider releasing it.

50 years old, only to be caught and put on display. Probably not the way this granddad thought he would go out, I bet.