Petrzilka Takes Impressive Nebraska Buck

Send by email Printer-friendly version Share this has a good write up about the Petrzilka family and a huge typical whitetail that Kevin Petrzilka took last Friday. The green score on the buck is 203 4/8 which would beat the state record of 199 1/4 by a good margin, offical score will be out in a few months.

“It's an impressive and tremendous deer," Ricky Krueger of Fremont, Neb., an official Boone and Crockett Club scorer said. “It has an aura about it. It's a jaw-dropper. It looks like it's got nothing but points. The antlers have eight points on one side of the rack and nine on the other. The deer's antlers overpowered its body. Deer antlers usually shrink when hunters walk up on their kill. That didn't happen to Petrzilka. “My boy got there first and all I heard him say was, 'Big! Big! Big!'" Petrzilka said.


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The only way to describe that

The only way to describe that buck is: BEAST.

Stunning bucks like that do not come along every day - and I note that he removed the antlers from the head - surely that will end up as a shouder mount!

Like the rest of the "regular hunters" I would definitely be rendred speechless if I just saw that one - much less managed (in spite of soiled trousers) to harvest that bad boy.

One quote said he had any aura about him... yes, that is the aura of a buck of a lifetime!

Just look at the guys right hand on the main beam - it looks like it carries mass all the way out to the end of it... or at least all the way out to the G5's or 6's.

I would love to see the scoring chart on that one... no worries about making Boone and Crockett, that is for sure.

When did you say the next train to Nebraska is??? I am on that sucker (or so I wish)...

If that buck is even fairly typical of Nebraska in general - or if they are even taken there on a semi regular basis - I do not see how they could keep the hunters out - they could charge whatever they wanted and have them lined up!

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Wow... that is pretty darn

Wow... that is pretty darn impressive. I am a self proclaimed mule deer nut and I tend to find their head gear much more interesting but that thing is just a beast. I can not imagine seeing that thing while I was hunting. I would turn into a human gellatin jiggler I think. Congratulations to them for getting that big boy. That will be a memory that I am sure none of them will forget in the near future. I agree with you Ca_Vermonster... I have two buddies that have land in Nebraska and they have shown me some pictures of some monster deer. I think they are definitely a contender in the big white tail craze. They certainly have some whoppers, that is for sure.

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I would be okay if I saw it

I would be okay if I saw it rifle hunting, but if I was bow hunting I might not be able to settle down enough to make the shot.  Funny thing is those guys look so serious in the picture.  I bet they are pretty no-nonsense when it comes to hunting their deer.

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I actually heard about this

I actually heard about this buck shortly after it was killed.  Since I want to move to Omaha, I logged on to their forums a year and a half ago to get info on hunting there, and have pretty much stayed on top of things.  Someone on their site had a cell phone photo of this beast and posted it shortly after.  Let me tell you, we hear about Iowa, Illinois, and Kansas producing big bucks, but from what I have seen on that site, Nebraska will hold it's own with any of them.

Just to see trail cam pics of what the ones are that they let walk, is unbelievable.  I would be hard pressed to let any of them walk, let alone those big ones.  That's a real stud, for sure!!!

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This is the kind of buck we

This is the kind of buck we all dream about.  He's got the points, the spread and the mass.  Real nice buck. Interesting how they ended up with the buck.  I wonder if these guys will actually take the time to enter it into the Boone and Crockett records.  I suspect that might not be that important to them.

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That is a awesome looking

That is a awesome looking buck.  Tons of mass and great tine length.  Some day I hope to be in the right place and have a buck like that walk past me.  Congrats to hunter and his family.