Pete the Moose Dies

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Back in 2010 Pete the Moose was spared from a death sentence, that was intended to stop the spread of disease to other captive wild animals on a ranch in Vermont. In 2008 Pete had been separated from his mother in New York after an accident and a farmer there took care of him. Pete ended up on the Big Back Ridge ranch in Irasburg, Vermont. Wildlife biologists were concerned the wild animals would come in contact with animals that may carry CWD, and all animals on the ranch other than the elk were ordered to be killed. Word got out and Pete became famous and even had his own following on Facebook. Along with public support and gubernatorial support, since the governor has the same name, the moose received a pardon.

Pete the moose was tranquilized for a hoof treatment and never woke up. "I join the friends and fans of Pete the Moose in expressing my sadness at his passing," Governor Peter Shumlin said. "My thanks to those who voiced concern about the fate of the animal and who have - like me - believed in the pardon for Pete." From The Wall Street Journal.


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  I guess I would have to


I guess I would have to agree with the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Commissioner Mr. Berry in that you don't turn wild animals into pets.  They are called wildlife for a reason. 

However, I am certainly not against shooting preserves or wildlife parks.  They each serve a purpose. 

Mr. Nelson certainly had a human moment here.  He was the caretaker of a "celebrity" moose and when the moose died he tried to just allow it to be forgotten... and then when it wasn't forgotten he tried to pass off an imposter moose to save face.

I have to also agree that it is time to just move on here - nothing to look at here folks!  It does set a precedence but it is also nowhere even near an infraction.



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That's the second moose to

That's the second moose to grow to fame in Vermont, and it's a sad way that it ended.  There has been alot of controversy, not just over Pete, but over the entire game farm operation. There are some videos going around where the "caretaker" of Pete talked about CWD, how they needed to kill them all because they possibly had CWD.  Then, officials go on a little later and talk about how there is no evidence of CWD in Vermont.

There was some history of how he was found, and how it happened, that was of interest too.  The "accident" was actually a couple that was out walking with their dogs, and the dogs found and attacked a Moose and her 2 calves.  I guess the mom and other calf took off, leaving Pete there with wounds.  They called DFG, who said to leave him there, and let nature take it's course.  The farmer didn't like that answer, so after 3 days of the moose just laying along the road, he took it in.  In most cases I do agree with nature taking it's course, but this was sort of man made in that it was domesticated dogs that caused it.

Whatever the reasons though, this guy emotionally attached himself to a wild moose, that we can never fully know how long or good of a life they will live (Especially when fed snickers bars).  I fell sorry for his loss, but he had to be expecting it some day.


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A little added story to

A little added story to this.  Apparantly he died a few weeks ago, and the farm owner tried to fool the Fish and Game with a photo of another moose.  He claimed he was trying to stave off embarassment.  Okay now.|breaking|text|FRONTPAGE


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Wow that is too bad....after

Wow that is too bad....after all he went thru to survive and that is how is goes down.  Too bad to hear about it.  Hopefully he is runing free somewhere!

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Well that is pretty sad.

Well that is pretty sad. After all he was able to make it through and then to have this happen is quite a surprise. I wonder if there was something wrong with whatever it was they used on him as I would think it was a perfectly normal practice.

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That's kind of a downer

That's kind of a downer story. Sounds like Pete had quit the fallowing. He got his life spared only to die by I guess lethal injection? I'm sure his fans are pretty upset about this ordeal. I'm sure all will be fine.