Persistence Pays Off

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Alabama hunter Jon Perkins of DeKalb County, has been turning in applications for an alligator hunt permit since it became available in 2006. Perkins is an outdoors man with photos of his hunts lining his office. Since 2006 he would turn in a couple applications, but this year to up his odds for the lottery style permits, he bought 21 applications. In Alabama, one can turn in as many applications as they want, at $6 per application. The computer randomly selects 120 applications to hunt at the Lake Eufaula area. There are less hunters that apply for the Eufaula area, Mobile is where most hunters apply for.

Perkins was one of those selected this year. The alligator tag allows the hunter to get one alligator in the area between August 12th- 28th. Perkins chose to go that first weekend. Along with friends they hooked one, that was maybe 6 feet, but the alligator got away. Perkins was unsure if he wanted to go again, but his friends wanted to, so the next weekend they were out again.

Early on the 27th, around 4 they hooked another. Unsure with the regulations, hunting is from 8 pm-6 am, Perkins called the wardens to make sure if they hooked it they would be able to keep it if they didn't have it in the boat by 6. The wardens said yes, keep fighting. It took hours to wear the alligator out, and the alligator had pulled the boat a quarter of a mile. "And when you get it to the boat, you also have to put some kind of noose around its leg or head or tail. Once you get it secured then you can shoot it. You can't use a rifle. It's got to be a shotgun or a bangstick." Perkins ended up with a 12' 4" alligator, weighing in at 650 lbs. Before this he had only seen one alligator in the wild. From The Sand Mountain Reporter.


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Great story of not giving up

Great story of not giving up on getting that tag. I'm surprised that he was ready to give up after one outing after trying so long and hard to get one. It was definately worth it though as that's one big gator. I killed one a couple years ago that was probably 200 pounds lighter than that one and even it was very intimidating. You definately want to stay out of the way of those jaws. Even after they are dead you need to be careful as the whole reptile keeps moveing for a couple of hours.

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thats a nice gator.  i really

thats a nice gator.  i really wish i could go do that.  my grandparents that live in Florada tell me all the time to come out and do it but i just don't have the time or money.   some day...

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And I thought this was a story about Sean!

As for gators -


You just recognize at a glance that every one of them wants to kill and eat you !  Yikes!  Congratulations to the persistant hunter.  he definitely earned his trophy after all those license applications!


Alligators have made a remarkable comeback in the last fifty or so.   I wouldn’t mind trying alligator hunting someday.   They are so numerous that they seem to be just about everywhere in the southern state.  Just looking at one I understand why the early settlers attempted to eradicate alligators and shot them on sight.  That's a big alligator!  I don't think that I would relish the idea of being in a boat wone that size in teh water.  god forbid you fell in - and had something that size coming at you – even with a decent rifle or shotgun in your hands, I wouldn’t put your odds of survival at above a fifty percent !


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Hey, I resemble that

Hey, I resemble that remark!!!! Wink

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Great looking alligator! 

Great looking alligator!  It's very cool to see that he was able to reach a Warden, and get clarification on the law.  In many places, they are either not reachable, or seem unwilling to help you out with routine questions.

Yes, persistance does pay off.  I hopw it does for me, for sure, as I am going on 15+ years without an archery kill.... lol

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That is a pretty cool story. 

That is a pretty cool story.  I guess putting in for those tag in a less premium area would be like elk hunting a lower PP area.  And it goes to show  you that some good animals can be found anywhere.  Congrats to the hunters and he has himself a real nice trophy...might make some nice boots.