Pennsylvania Lawyer Sentenced in Hunting Accident

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David Manilla, a convicted felon wasn't even supposed to have a firearm, yet with a high powered rifle he shot a fellow deer hunter on the first day of Pennsylvania's deer season last year. Manilla was hunting with a group of friends on November 29th on his wooded Richland property. Barry Groh had also been hunting, and was cleaning a deer he had shot along a stream. Manilla was 88 yards away and fired a high powered rifle, which is illegal to use for deer hunting in Bucks County. The group found Groh face up in a creek, and from there Manilla and his uncle, former Montgomery County district attorney Michael Marino chose not to call 911 immediately. Manilla stuffed mud into his rifle to try to cover up the crime. Manilla faces up to 25 years in prison for the charges against him. Manilla pleaded no contest on May 24 to involuntary manslaughter, and guilty to numerous firearms offenses, most notably a felon in possession of a gun. From

Manilla was sentenced to 10-25 years in jail for the crime. Bucks County Judge Arthur J. Cepparulo told Manilla he took care of himself instead of the victim. Manilla let paramedics believe that Groh had a heart attack, he got rid of firearms at his hunting property. Manilla might face a federal investigation, since he was an avid gun collector, but as a felon was not allowed to own any.

"Seeing him go away in handcuffs was the most important thing," said widow Theresa Groh,52, of Quakertown. "The judge ... saw through everything." Theresa had been called by Groh after he shot the deer, Groh had wanted their oldest son to come help him with the deer, and he reminded Theresa to have the son put on hunter's orange for safety. A taxidermist created a mount of the buck for the family, and they keep it in their living room. Theresa said it is very beautifully done. From The News Journal.


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Very sad story!!  This guy

Very sad story!!  This guy sould not be getting out at all.  he took a life and then lied about it.  i feel sorry for the family and hope that people learn from this. 

when you are in the hunting woods, You better now the hunting laws and follow them.  i hear stuff like this every year and there is no reason for it.  Last year a kid killed his own dad here in NM while hunting elk and the kid just left his dad there like it was nothing.  a nother sad story..

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This guy was a total idiot

This guy was a total idiot and deserves to go to jail for even longer than he will be sentenced to. How could you possibly not see the guy with the orange vest but yet still see a dead deer on the ground to be able to get a shot at it? The list of crimes committed and laws broken appears to be endless and like the judge said, he was not at all worried about getting help for the man but rather in just getting away. It says his uncle was with him and chose not to phone as well so I wonder if he will be facing charges as well.

My condolences and best wishes to the family this man destroyed by his irresponsible and selfish actions.

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Man this guy was breaking all

Man this guy was breaking all sort of laws wa he not.  Hunting with a fiream that he was not suppose to own, hunting in an area where you cannot use a certain firearm.  then the top it all off he tried to cover it up.  What gets me as he tries to say the guy had a heart attack, yet he has a bullet hole in him.  What he had a heart attack so you dedcided to put him out of his misery.  What a piece of work this guy is, not only did you take the great sport of hunting and make it look bad you just may have took hunting from a young kid you will not get to hunt with his father anymore.  You get all you deserve comimng to you.  My condolences go out the family and friends iof the fallen hunter.