Pennsylvania Hunter Takes 43 Point Buck

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In the record books there are typicals, non-typicals, and then less common freaks of nature. In other words non-typical, non-typicals. It appears that Steve McCartney in PA has taken one of these freaks on the opening day of rifle season. The buck doesn't appear to be particularly tall or wide, however it has numerous points throughout its rack.

Details are kind of schetchy right now, but has a brief story, video, and slide show up about Steve, the buck, and the hunt. Visit the link to check out more detailed photos.

“At first, I was watching an 8-point kind of mess around my stand and I never had a really good shot on him and he kind of got spooked away,” McCartney told Channel 4 Action News’ Ari Hait. “Then [the 43 point buck] came stumbling out behind him. Thank God I didn’t take the first shot because I would’ve regretted it.”

Thanks goes to StruttinanRuttin for mentioning Steve's buck in the forum.


Simply Amazing

How old would you imagine this buck to be?  Honeslty I have never seen a massive non-typical in real life.  Rumor has it that there is one patrolling our local hunting grounds.  He is nicknamed 8-ball because he has a large round ball type drop tine.  I hope to cross paths with him one day.  This 43 point is incredible I couldn't imagine seeing him through a scope.  I get excited over a nice 6 pointer.  Only God really knows what is out hiding in the woods.

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You have to love it when you

You have to love it when you see an average joe take an animal of that caliber. It isn't everyday that a normal guy takes a deer like that. We are exposed to a ton of paid, sponsored hunters in hunting magazines and in hunting shows that take deer like this much more often. I am kind of surprised that he mentioned that his first shot found the guts to a media outfit. I think I probably would have left that out of the story when talking to the reporters.

It almost looks like there is blood on top of that tine on the left side. I wonder what that is about. He is not nearly as wide as you would think that a buck with that many points would have. I can see a lot of points from that picture but I can't quite see 43 of them. I wonder if some of those are just really little stickers. No matter what, it is a very unique buck.

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Definetly a unique deer. 

Definetly a unique deer.  Congrats to the hunter.  When I first saw 43 point deer...I thought for sure I was gonna see one of the huge wide deer racks that looked photoshopped.  Very unique in the fact that the deer rack is not real wide.

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Awesome buck for Steve! His

Awesome buck for Steve! His time in the stand on opening day really paid off. It didn't seem to be that big of a deal to him.? Just another buck, right? Yea, a 43 point buck...Hahaha.

Anybody find out how the buck was scored? If it was scored? That would be a complicated task to measure that deer for a score.

Off the subject, there sure were a lot of looney people commenting about the deer, hunting for sport and if it was really a 43 point buck. It does look to have a lot points, but they may have counted points measuring less than 1". I'm only saying that for an official score. We only count points that would make them an official point by B & C. It's his buck and he can count any pint he wants. Right? It would be nice to see some pics from other angles. Regardless, that is a great trophy buck.

Yea, Pa is stacking the bucks up for the last count. Go Pa hunters!

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Wow, just nuts.  I wouldn't

Wow, just nuts.  I wouldn't know what to do if that thing popped out.  I would honestly probably have to stare at it for awhile to be sure it was a whitetail.  I'm sure by that time it would be long gone and I'd have no idea what just happened.

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Holy Moly!!!  I can honestly

Holy Moly!!!  I can honestly say I would probably not be able to draw a bow back, or get  gun up to shoot that thing.  My only hope would be that most of the rack would be blocked by a lowhanging branch or something, and I took the shot, just knowing it was legal.  Then of course, after i walked up to it and fainted, I'd get around to dressing it... lol

Unbelievable deer!!!  Along with the 2 I posted about ealier from the south side of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has produced some monsters this year!