Pennsylvania Debates Sunday Hunting

Send by email Printer-friendly version Share this has published a write up about the ongoing debate to allow Sunday hunting in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania Game Commissioner Jay Delaney appears to be spear heading a move to eliminate the Sunday hunting ban but is meeting some resistance.

A coalition of national-level sportsmen's groups has set its sights on eliminating the last bans on Sunday hunting in the nation. Pennsylvania is one of fewer than a dozen states with such a prohibition. Commissioners Dave Schreffler of Bedford County and Tom Boop of Northumberland County suggested they might vote against it because they worry Sunday hunting will lead to land being posted.


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To me a ban like that may

To me a ban like that may hurt the hunting industry.  There are alot of guy that can only hunt the weekend or maybe even one day on the weekend.  What if that were to happen and you start having hunter no buy licenses becasue they will not have the time to hunt.  Plus the other side can be the kids.  Kids are in school an can only hunt the weekends, so getting the kids the field will be a lot harder as they will have to miss school which in turn they may suffer in school or not get to hunt as much and may not grow a passion for huntin like the rest of us.  IMO.

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In my opinion. Sunday hunting

In my opinion. Sunday hunting bans are the most rediculous thin i have ever heard of. I thaught we lived in America land of the free, Freedom to make our own decisions. if someone doesnt want to hunt on a sunday well by all means dont, but why make it so no one can? Like mentioned before in other posts and threads vaction days are hard to come by and work scedules are not always monday thru friday 8-5. that world really doesnt exsist anymore. Tell you what if i had a lawmaker in office that was passing laws to ban certain hunting days I'd petition to vote his ass out. Wake up pennsylvania wake the hell up!!!!! get with the times. I hope this law passes and you guys have the right to choose when you hunt, If i was a resident i'd be mad if i couldnt hunt when i had time.

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No hunting on Sundays???

So, in Pennsylvania, is it illegal to hunt anything (small game, big game, predators, birds, etc.) on Sundays???  If so, that is ridiculous!  Sometimes, vacation days are hard to come by, so all you get is a weekend or two (depending on season length and proximity to hunting area) to get the job done.  That has to hurt hunting in general, as well as any businesses related to hunting, in and around PA. 

Also, can somebody explain to me the meaning of the phrase from the article, "land being posted."

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Commissioners Dave Schreffler

Commissioners Dave Schreffler of Bedford County and Tom Boop of Northumberland County suggested they might vote against it because they worry Sunday hunting will lead to land being posted.

The way I read that is that since "80% of the landowners are opposed to hunting on Sunday", if the Sunday hunting ban is overturned, the landowners might just post their property as "No Hunting" - or at least - "No Sunday Hunting".




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That makes sense.  I just thought it was a weird way to phrase it. 


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There are a number of states

There are a number of states in the east besides PA that restrict or ban hunting on Sunday.  What is really surprising is that if you do a little research on the subject, a lot of hunters themselves favor the ban.  That, to me when I read it, was unreal!!!  If there are so many landowners who also favor the ban, it will probably end up with a lot of posted property that people won't even be able to hunt on the other days of the week and that would be a real shame.

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Md Sunday hunts

Here in Maryland , it was that you couldn't hunt Sundays. Now they are adding a few days here and there in different parts of the state,mostly for deer seasons. We have to get written permission to hunt private land ,so basically it is as good as posted anyway.