Pennsylvania Bridge Named For Fallen Conservation Officer

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David L. Grove, a Pennsylvania Wildlife Conservation Officer was responding to a poaching call when his life was taken. 28 year old Christopher Johnson of Fairfield has been charged in Grove's death, and if convicted, faces the death penalty. Grove was the first WCO to die on duty since 1915.

The bridge which will honor Grove crosses Marsh Creek and joins Freedom and Cumberland townships in Adams County. Governor Corbett signed House Bill 1255 on Thursday, which names the bridge the Wildlife Conservation Officer David L. Grove Memorial Bridge. “Officer Grove was a dedicated young conservation officer whose tragic and senseless death has touched the lives of many in Adams and Franklin counties, and throughout the commonwealth. The naming of this bridge in his honor will serve as a lasting tribute to his life and his selfless service to our citizens.” Rep. Dan Moul a sponsor of the bill said.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is currently replacing the bridge, and expect it to be open to traffic in November. From The Record Herald.


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Yet again a poacher takes

Yet again a poacher takes something that is near and dear to people.  I do not mean to refer to the officer as something just a figure of speech.  Poachers take animals from us ethical hunters and this guy takes a upstandinf citzen just doing what he loved to do.  Now the family and friends are stripped of the time that they would have shared for years to come.  The death pently may be to good for this guy maybe he should just sit in a jail cell 23 hours a day and just rot away.  Then again do we want to pay for this guy to stay alove for the rest of his days.  Hopefully he get the book thrown at him and hopefully its a big one.

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What a tragedy something like

What a tragedy something like this is. It's bad enough to be out poaching in the first place but to kill another person in the attempt to get away with it is sickening. I am a firm believer in the death penalty and it looks like it is surely in order here.

Although it does nothing to bring him back it's good to see this honor being given so quickly and hopefully it will help the family to cope with the loss.