Pay Child Support or No Hunting & Fishing License

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Oregon adopted a new program. The Department of Justice is allowed to put blocks on hunting or fishing licenses if the applicant owes back child support payments. Idaho has been using this method for the past 10 years, and Oregon followed suit. The state found that people were more willing to pay back support to keep their fishing and hunting privileges. Some applicants were unaware of the blocks until they tried to purchase a license. From The Umpqua Post.


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they have this law in New

they have this law in New Mexico.  started about 3 years ago and i don't know if it works or not.  the state has a hard enough time just knowing who is married and who is not anymore. 

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Actually I thought we did

Actually I thought we did have that law here in Colorado buy I'm not completely sure. I know there is something about it though. It may require complaints to be filed before it goes into effect. I can be see both sides on this if a person is having tough times and truly making an effort as you said but I also know of others who try to get out of paying any way they can and laugh at what they get away with. But it should be dealt with diferently anyway. I also just finished finished paying after getting divorced 10 years ago and it sure is a relief that's for sure. I raised them anyway even though I continued to pay just to stay out of legal trouble. My kids rarely stayed with her then and continue to stay with me now. They truly know what they mean to me and that's all that matters now.

And life is really good now I can tell you that.

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I agrre and disagree with

I agrre and disagree with this one as well.  I recently just got done paying child support.  I think that if you can afford to hunt you can pay for your child, but I also feel like I do, not need the goverment coming I and telling me that I can't hunt because I have not paid.  I know that for a while when I was having some trouble my dad would pay for everything come hunting season just so we could.  Had a law like that been in place here I still wopuld have not been able to go.

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While I understand the reason and rationale, I disagree with the practice on moral grounds.

I find it immoral to not meet one's financial obligations, but even more immoral for government to intrude upon our lives.