Paralyzed Wisconsin Man Able to Hunt Again

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Ever since an accident in 2003 left Matt Deicher paralyzed from the neck down, he has dreamed of hunting again. He was working as an EMT, when the ambulance was involved in a rollover accident. All three EMTs in the ambulance were injured, the victim they were transporting died. With the help of Empowered Dream Hunts, a non profit that helps people with illnesses or disabilities return to hunting, Deicher will be able to go hunting.

Deicher has been a deer hunter since the age of 12. Hunting is something he was missing in his life since the accident. He is excited to be able to go hunting with his brother, and 17 year old son. Deicher found a gun mount that he can put on his wheel chair. The mounts costs about $1700 and the hunt around $2500. The mount will allow him to aim with his chin, and then blow through a straw to fire the gun.

A family friend, Jerry Karlen, is the president of the Central Wisconsin Conservation Club. Karlen nominated Deicher for the hunt. They plan on driving Deicher and his family to a platform that would raise the group up to a blind in Little Lakes Ranch in Irma. If that fails, the group will surround Deicher with a blind. From Wausau Daily Herald.


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I have a buddy who was shot

I have a buddy who was shot in the neck with a .22 from a deranged hillbilly poaching on public land.  Very strange incident that left him a quadriplegic.  I built a platform for him on my 45 acres of woods in Indiana where he could hunt from. 

Unfortunately I got divorced from Arkansas trailer trash who refused to love our children enough to get a job with her 4 year college degree.  Had to develop the land and sell off my dream property.  Was my dream to help people like this.  Moral of the story is..................don't marry trailer trash.


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I cannot imagine the grief

I cannot imagine the grief and despair after having an accident of this type. It's great to see that this guy and others like him have the desire and drive to continue on and groups like this are out there to help get them started. I agree that it seems like someone could have donated or helped out with a hunt for much lower cost or none at all. I'm sure he will not be able to afford to continue with those kind of costs. I bet with a little thought his family will be able to put some other hunts together so he can continue. Even public land with a little ground clearing and work could be done now that he has the equipment needed. I have even seen some stories where blind people have been able to hunt with the help of a friend to get the weapon sighted and then they pull the trigger themselves.

We should all consider ourselves very fortunate for the abilities we have to enjoy what we do and not just take life for granted.

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I have seen a video of a guy

I have seen a video of a guy doing this one time, having to blow through the straw to shoot.  It's very exciting for him to be able to get into the woods again, especially now that he has a teenage son to hunt with.

I can't imagine though that someone wouldn't donate a hunt for him.  $2500 to go on a hunt?  I could think of any number of places that would give him the opportunity to take a deer there. 

I'd like to see a follow-up if possible on his hunt. Paralyzed or not, it's a great thing!

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Wow now that isvery cool.  It

Wow now that isvery cool.  It really amazes me with whatbthey can do with technonlgy now days.  Glad to hear that this will aloow him to get back into the field, I bet his son is pretty excited also.  Hopefuuly he bags himself a nivce big buck.  I wish him the best of luck on this hunt and many more after this one.