Panthers Need to Look Both Ways

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Florida's panthers are on the endangered species list. There are an estimated 160 panthers left living in the wild. So far this year 19 have died, the most recent was a one year old male that got hit by a vehicle in Collier County and was found Monday. Of the 19 deaths, most have died from vehicle accidents (7), four kittens were killed in a wildfire, four died from fights with other panthers, and three panther deaths are under investigation. From The Miami Herald.


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I been to Florida enough to

I been to Florida enough to say that the way they drive no one or animal is safe on the road. lol

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Very sad to see.  I am all

Very sad to see.  I am all for hunting mountain lions out here in the West, since we are overloaded with them, but in the east, there are so very few.  I know, we shouldn't let them get a foothold, due to what they can do to the other wild game populations. But, I don't know, they shouldn't be wiped out entirely.

Hopefully the population will stabalize.  But, you are always going to see them killed in interactions with humans, in this case, a vehicle.  Just gotta hope not too many get knocked off.

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I agree here in that I bet

I agree here in that I bet they are far undrestimating the population of mountain lions that they have down there. We have plenty of them here in Colorado and I can only remember reading of one being hit by a car once. It was also stated about how many people have actually had sightings of themand that is a surprise as well. I ahve logged many many miles and hours in prime lion country and have only seen two in my life. Once was with the use of doga and the other was while deer hunting and it was only for a few seconds before it was gone. I bet it they got some good hound guys down there running them they would find out quickly that they have far more than they ever dreamed.

As far as what they call them it just sounds cooler to use the term panther I think. When I was in Oregon last month they only call them cougars and the guys I talked to were confused when I called them lions.

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i don't call them Panthers,

i don't call them Panthers, its just a fancy word for Mountain Lion.  Panthers live on the other side of the world. 

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The Florida panther is

The Florida panther is nothing more than a mountain lion. Not sure why it was placed on the endangered species list, because genetically it's just a mountain lion. Because of inbreeding it has a cowlick in it's hair and a kinked tail, but that to me does not make a new or even a sub-species. 

Plus the number of cats that are being hit by cars, tells me that the population must be greater than they actually know. Even in areas with very high known populations of mountain lions, very rarely do you see them along sides of the road. 

Anyone that has been to and seen the habitat they live in, will see immediately that it must be close to impossible to keep track of all the cats. It's incredibly dense vegetation and they're secretive by nature, so I'm guessing their numbers are way off. If you talk to the locals in the Everglades area, they will tell you that they see lions/panthers quite frequently - not to mention the pet and livestock losses. 

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Wow I must really be out of

Wow I must really be out of the loop, I did not know taht Florida had a panther.  I know they had a hockey team but not an animal.....guess I should have got a clue with the hockey team named after them.  maybe need to put up some Panther crossing signs....LOL!