Palin Draws Fire From Hunters?

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In what was quite possibly the most watched single "hunting show" in national history, last week's edition of "Sarah Palin's Alaska" on TLC featured Alaska's former half-term governor on a hunting trip. During the trip she shot a caribou, but it took her five shots to knock down her quarry. Unsurprisingly the show immediately drew fire from anti-hunting critics with the comparing Palin's hunt to Michael Vick's dogfighting.

The Wall Street Journal has a "Speakeasy" piece up lauding Sarah for showing her hunt unedited. The author, Pete Bodo, makes the mistake of calling Sarah's father "Chuck Palin", actually Chuck Heath, but Mr. Bodo seems to put the hunt in perspective and notes that most of the critics of her shooting are no friends of Sarah anyway.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, but the big takeaway from the controversy over the recent caribou hunting episode on “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” (the series running on The Learning Channel) is that people are going to react to anything that the former vice-presidential candidate and populist icon does or says based almost solely on how they feel about her going in. The other and more interesting discovery, at least for me, is how little most people who criticized the episode know about Alaska, guns, wildlife, and hunting.

If you missed the episode, there are several clips on YouTube such as this one.


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I watched the same episode

I watched the same episode the other night.  I too was surprised that they showed the episode uncut.  I am glad they did.  That happens to all hunters at some point.  I beleive there was something wrong with the gun.  She miised every time with it.  Once she used the other gun she dropped it right away.  The only ones knocking her are all the liberals.  I hope the show continues to show all her adventures in Alaska...good or bad.

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A country "girl" can survive!

Alaska has some of the most beautiful country in the world and Sarah Palin is living it up!  I could care less what all the naysayers have to say about her political motives.  I do, however, have an issue with some of her hunting (shooting) techniques.

I enjoy watching any show that has something to do with the outdoors, especially when it involves hunting or fishing.  I just happened to be channel surfing the other day and caught a few minutes of the episode mentioned above.  I only had a couple of minutes before I had to leave, but I did get to watch the whole taking of the caribou.  After the first two shots and hearing Sarah say that she "clean missed", I thought she would have either stopped shooting or switched to the other rifle.  After two more shots, I started wondering why she wasn't giving up.  My oldest son was sitting there with me, and even at only thirteen years old, he asked why she kept shooting.  Then her Dad finally handed her his rifle, but when he did he said "it kicks".  I'm sure he wasn't thinking clearly when he said that but I can imagine that she was thinking about it when she was trying to get the caribou in the sights. 

I hope she watched the episode during the editing and noticed that after she took the rifle off safety, she kept her finger on the trigger the entire time (while moving around and switching to a better rest), and corrects that safety issue.

I'm just glad that once she finally switched rifles, she was able to bag that obviously deaf caribou!  (5 shots and it stayed right there!)


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I am actually really liking

I am actually really liking the shows, and have no problem with her caribou hunt that was shown, unedited. 

if you watched the show, you can see her father fall on the gun, then Sarah tries to take the caribou with it.  It is obviously off, and she hits the darn thing with the first shot from the second gun.

I guess they shot her gun later and it was way off.

She's fun to watch, and I believe genuine. Just cause she can't filet a salmon properly, doesn't make her a fake.  I have been hunting for 25 years, but I am sure I am far from an expert.  We all need work in certain areas.

On a side note, the episode last night with Kate Gosselin was hilarious.  She couldn't have been more of a priss.... lol

Sarah Palin

It never fails, people's nature seems to be bent toward being critical and negative instead of being positive. It's not by accident nor is it surprising that negativity is so rampid in mankind, afterall, that's how the media has trained us. Every news channel you turn to wants to advertise the BAD but never the GOOD in this world around us! Now "why is that?" Think about it. If we could only make a conscious effort to see the good and not the bad in people and situations, the world would be full of PEACE and not WAR!! I admire Sarah Palin for her efforts. She is definitely not PERFECT but let me ask you....." Who IS?"   She has a lot of courage to do what she has and I have to both acknowledge and admire her for that, After all, at least she isn't trying to take away (Americas Right To Bear Arms) like other carbon copy politicians do. GO SARAH!!!            


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sarah palin and her antics

sarah palin and her antics for running for president in the upcoming election are a joke. Everything she's been doing for the last year, from her tv show to her hunting and fishing trips is all for political gain. I saw part of the show on DC last night and watched as her family attempted to clean salmon. After mutilating the fish into what looked like hamburger she claimed her family had been doing it forever. She's so fake it's not even funny.