Pack a Sandwich and Stick it Out

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As the days get shorter the bucks' hormones run rampant. Bucks are busy marking their territory with scents, and leaving their mark to let other bucks know this is their area, at the same time letting the does know they are available. Does will go into estrous and within a 24 hour period be ready to breed, and the buck wants to make sure he is there for it. Bucks lose most of their common sense during the rut, which makes it a perfect time for hunters to stick it out. Most of the trophy bucks are taken during the 11 am-1 pm stretch during the rut. A lot of times this coincides with a lunch break for hunters, but following the advice of "pack a sandwich and stick it out" might just help pay off with a trophy buck for the taking.

For motorists, be on the watch, if one deer has run across the road, there will probably be another in pursuit. They aren't being their shy or smart selves during the rut. From The Pocono Record.


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I have to admit that I rarely

I have to admit that I rarely stay out all day while deer hunting. If the weather conditions are righ or if I have a rare late season tag whaen the rut is underway I might but the rest of the time I usually head home for a nap or get some other things done. Most years the weather has been very hot in the regular seasons and I just don't see very much. Maybe I've been spoiled as we have done very well hunting just early and late but that's the way we usually do it. If hunting elk it's a different matter as we are usually much farther back in and have an easier time spotting them with the larger herds they run in. If snowing or a storm is coming and it's overcast I will stay out much longer than usual but it's a rare trip that I pack more than a snack or two to get me through till I'm back at the truck. I need to push myself to hunt like this though as it may make the difference in getting the big one I really want someday.

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This is how I hunt all my big

This is how I hunt all my big game.  I always pack a lunch and plan on staying out in the filed all day.  While other hunters are back at camkp napping I am still trying to get on the elk or deer.  Sometimes finding them napping themselves can be the best chance you can have all day...especially if we have some snow on the gound or least if the ground is quite and you can make a stalk on  aherd.

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  Two great pieces of advice


Two great pieces of advice provided here.  #1 definitely you need to stick it out all day and if you have done your homework in advance looking for the runs, scrapes, rubs, etc... you will get rewarded with a nice afternoon buck.  My largest whitetail to date was shot just after 1pm.  If hunting private property that boarders property with those "take-a-lunch-break-back-at-the-car" hunters or even within public property - then that is a perfect push for you to see a nice buck.  #2 - definitely a driver seeing one deer bolt across the road will have a great chance that a second deer or more is close behind.  Driving roadways that split wooded areas during the whitetail rut season will encounter deer running across.  This is the time to pay extra special attention of the sides of the road.

The full article does a great job of explaining to the casual reader exactly what occurs during the rut season.  A very good article.




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 This is exactly right.  You

 This is exactly right.  You will never shoot one sitting in your kitchen or at the dining room table!   

 What I try to do is get to my stand just after legal hunting time, get there early and then stay there.   I've shot several deer at about 1 PM when the other hunters on neighboring property either leave the woods for lunch or come back in the woods after lunch.  I just don’t have the patience  to stay on a stand from dawn until dusk, but I am working on that!  Bringing some food helps me to stay longer especially if it is not too cold.   

It is good advice to hunt every hour that you can whether you move stands or not. Like I just posted elsewhere in answer to a question about whether you should hunt during the middle of the day - we wait all year for deer season to return and when it does, it is too short to waste any precious time inside!

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Well, I have to admit, I have

Well, I have to admit, I have always been one of the 3 hours in the morning, then 3 hours in the evening hunters.  I can't remember the last time I stayed in the woods all day. Heck, maybe that's why I have not shot a deer in 10 years or so.

That being said, I am already planning on staying out the whole day on November 12h, the opener of Vermont rifle season.  Reading the rut issue of Field and Stream, they call November 12th as the day you MUST be in the woods all day, if you pick one day this year to do it.  Plus, the rut appears to be picking up in Vermont.  My Dad got a buck on his trail camera last week at 1:30 in the afternoon, and then yesterday, he went to finish a stand at our spot, and again, at 1:30, he came across 3 deer moving in the woods.  They are moving alot at mid-day now.

Not to mention, the extended forecast calls for rain Thursday and Friday next week, so that means Saturday they may be more inclined to move after the storm pushed through.  Maybe the stars are all aligning.  So, I will give it the old college try, and will be packing a sandwich that day.  Her's hoping for a bruiser!!!!  Or, a little guy, makes no difference to me... lol

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Adding to this, Dad just

Adding to this, Dad just called me.  He decided to go back into the woods to retrieve one more card today.  He jumped 3 deer AGAIN at 1:30 in the afternoon, and 5 big scrapes have appeared in the orchard he hunts!  Come on Saturday!

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The 2 biggest bucks i have

The 2 biggest bucks i have ever seen on my camera was pre-rut at 10 and 11 AM!! not PM but AM. The kicker to that is i was loading up the truck last year getting ready to head to CO for 3rd season elk hunt the day the pics were taken. The camera was placed about 175 yds from my house were i was outside loading up. They must've known i was leaving and it was time to come out and play. I have always sat all day when i see the bucks start to pick up the activity.

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Hard to believe hunters would

Hard to believe hunters would need to be reminded of hunting during lunch.  We hunt all day for deer and elk, whether in the rut or not.  Once we enter the woods, usually 30 minutes before shooting light, we don't return to the vehicle until evening--many times well into dark.  I had animals approach while eating in the bush, but have yet to see critters walk by my truck while sitting in it.  Just seems like common sense to maximize your hunting time.

Either way, it's good advice to plan to be out all day when hunting.