Outlaw Quadrupeds Night Hunting Open

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Louisiana's Governor Jindal signed legislation to allow private property owners to hunt outlaw quadrupeds at night. Outlaw quadrupeds include; coyote, feral hogs, and armadillos. This bill will allow the night hunting from March through August. The new law went into effect August 15th. Property owners will have through the end of the month, then will have to wait until next March to night hunt again.

The outlaw quadrupeds are hard to trap, and it is unsafe to try to poison them as there might be other wildlife that gets poisoned as well. The feral hogs do a lot of crop damage and are nocturnal animals. Their numbers have been growing in Morehouse Parish.

Property owners that want to take part in the night hunting must have a current hunting license and give the Morehouse Parish sheriff's office 24 hours notice of their hunting plans. Capt. Alan Bankston with LDWF Enforcement Region 2 said hunters should be certain of their target, as the protected Louisiana black bear can easily be mistaken for a hog -- especially at night. Killing a black bear can lead to civil and criminal penalties. From BastropEnterprise.com.


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  First - I too was confused


First - I too was confused as to the title of this article and what the actual read came to be.  I guess a night hunting allowance is a step in the right direction.  The next being a year-round season and then just legalizing the night hunts as well.  I think the focus now here is moving this slowly into place so as to not rock the general public.

I would love to partake in a night hunt for hogs... definitely on my list of must do's.  I went coon hunting once at night and the hunt was a rush using black and tan coon dogs.  A night hunt for hogs I think would provide a heck of a hunt.


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Yeah, that story title had me

Yeah, that story title had me thinking too.... :lol:  Pretty cool of Louisianna to allow this, and maybe long overdue.  I am sure that you may find a few deer poachers taking advantage of the ability to cary a spotlight and rifle, and "claim" they are hunting coyotes or pigs.  Hoever, the benefits will outweigh those instances.

State after state are talking about how much of a toll that wild hogs are taking on their public and private land.  However, when it comes to trying to control the numbers, they tend to handicap that hunters' efforts to help.  I can see that this is a step in the right directiopn allowing the hunters to possibly chip away at the problem.

Good for Louisianna!

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Lol. I thought that was

Lol. I thought that was probably the name of some new hog hunting business down south somewhere, Outlaw quadrupeds would be a great one I think. I didn't know of course but I had assumed that night hunting of hogs was already legal wherever they were found. I have only hunted them at night in Texas but just assumed it was the same in other states as well. I should have known better as many things are legal in Texas that are not in other places. The problem must be growing quickly there much like in other states for them to change the rules and start taking a more agressive stance on hoe to thin them out. I wonder why they don't allow it year round though. If it's that big of a problem then why put a limit on it at all?