Oregon Works on Poaching Bill

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In Oregon, poachers are responsible for taking more deer than hunters. Out of 500 collared deer, 21 were taken legally by hunters, 23 were taken illegally by poachers. Currently there are no minimum fines for poachers, so they usually get off lightly if they get caught at all. The bill to instill minimum fines breezed through the senate and is now waiting for the house to pass.

Hunters, fishermen, and bird watchers are all backing this measure against poachers. No one knows the exact number that poachers are taking, but there was a case where 9 people from Springfield, had taken over 300 deer during a 5 year time period. With the new bill in place they are hoping there is a greater deterrent against poaching rings, where as now the fines may just be considered a "business cost."

Poaching is prosecuted as a Class A misdemeanor, with a maximum fine of $6,500, and no mandated minimums. Under the bill, anyone killing a bird of prey would face a fine of $1,622 for a first offense. Anyone killing a sturgeon more than 6 feet long would be fined $3,250, and anyone taking three times the daily bag limit for fish or game — three deer instead of one, or six steelhead instead of two — would face the maximum $6,500. From The Register Guard.


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Paoching is becoming a huge

Paoching is becoming a huge problem all over.  I think all states should take note of these and maybe they all need to look over their polices and make them a little more stricter to try and keep some people honest.

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I have always known that

I have always known that poaching was a constant problem everywhere but would have never believed it could add up to more animals killed than legal hunters took. I would agree that some heftier fines are in order along the line of what most other states are handing out now. In most states the fine will also increase with the size or trophy potential of the animal and the penalty becomes very severe quickly. I know the problem will never go away completely but the bigger fines will help to slow it down and scare the average idiot into not taking the chance.