Oregon Woman Loses Case to Feed Bears

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Tragedy struck Karen Noyes who lived in Yachats, Oregon. One year her husband passed away, the next her daughter. She was lonely, and started feeding the wildlife. At first it was birds, squirrels and other small animals that lived in the area. Then one day a bear started feeding out of the tray, which began the feeding of bears.

Neighbors did not like this, especially the one who had a bear come into her house, and even worse was the farmer who lost a flock of turkeys after a bear tore open his barn. In a four week period four bears were put down as they were considered threats to humans in the area.

She was convicted of chasing and harassing wildlife in 2009. Noyes went to court, and was told to vacate her Yachats house and stay at least seven miles away from it for three years. The Oregon Supreme Court recently turned down her request for a review. Noyes says she will never live in Oregon again and is currently living in California.

Noyes found feeding the bears educational. She said the bears were a lot different than what she believed. She now says she will not feed the wildlife and doesn't think others should either as it is harmful for the wildlife. From Chron.com.


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We have seen stories like

We have seen stories like this one before and like the others have said a person has got to be at least somewhat crazy to act like this. There have been too many cases in the past for people to nat realize how dangerous the situations can become. Even if the bears never did end up hurting her it is obvious they will become a problem of some kind in the future. Even when fed unintentionally just through carelessness many of them end up losing thier own lives for the behavior they have learned. Hopefull she will stay away from them now and others will take note and not try the same thing somewhere else.

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That lady must have screw

That lady must have screw lose or something.  All she has done is sentesnce those bear is to death.  or someone will get hurt.  i really don't like people who think they are doing good when all they do is hurt the wildlife.   I got a bunch of deer lover here where i live and they feed them and all the deer do now is get hit by cars... 

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This lady is a loon, she has

This lady is a loon, she has been on the news in regards to this story since the ODFW and OSP busted her. I really hope she stops feeding the animals. She is just crazy. If i was her neighbor i would be a little mad at her for attracting these bears into a populated area. I'm just glad she was caught and some serious issues were diverted. I just now hope she sticks to her word and doesnt start feeding the wildlife again.

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You know some people think

You know some people think it's all good to feed wildlife...that is until they turn on us.  I think we all remeber a certain man that lived in Alaska with some bears....and we also remeber how that turned out.  Better to just let them fend for themselves.  I think it would be real cool to get that close to some bears like that, but I am not gonna feed them to do it.  What happens when you stop feeding them...they go after you, your pets.  Hopefully she has changed her ways.

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Hopefully she actually stops...

At least it sounds like she is changing her ways?  This whole animal hoarding phenomenon is wild.  Sad to see people only find relief in the love of animals