Oregon Poachers Nailed With Big Fines

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Kpic.com has the story of three different poaching investigations that netted over $22,000 in fines. Oregon passed a new trophy poaching provision back in January of 2010, that escalates the penalty for poaching trophy class game to as much as $15,000 in fines. Since the law went into effect, new charges and convictions are being brought under the new law.

An Alsea man who pleaded guilty to killing a trophy elk has been ordered to pay over $15,000 in fines, and two Lebanon who admitted illegally killing trophy deer face over $4,000 in fines each.


Ca_Vermonster's picture

Very nice!!! It seems that

Very nice!!!

It seems that there have been some really positive movements lately in terms of states dealing with poachers.  That's a good thing.

No more days of $1000 fine and keep you license and gun.  Now they are taking everything, and these "trophy fees" are helping.

Granted, I think they should just fine them the maximum amount regardless of whether they kill a spikehorn or a trophy 4x4, but we'll take what we can get for now.

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Good job to Oregon for

Good job to Oregon for catching guys like this that are stealing from the rest of us and giving real hunters a bad name. The fines are getting stiffer in all the states and hopefully the message will start to sink in and the slobs will stop poaching. Not likely though because it seems to continue year after year. I would like to know on some of the big fines in the past how many have been paid as most of these guys don't make enough to pay them.

I'm sure they will loose there hunting forever if they don't pay but then they didn't worry about that before so how would that stop them now?

Anyway It's good to see more states getting serious about this crime.

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I am encouraged to see this

I am encouraged to see this sort of penalty being assessed by the courts. For far too long, poachers have been able to get away with their "craft" and only receive what amounts to a slap on the hand if and when they were caught.

Let those who want to take a trophy animal purchase their tags and wait for the season like everyone else who wants a trophy. But, of course, crooks don't believe that they are required to follow the rules or obey the laws. Those are for "other people".

Well, here's hoping that the actually enforce the payment of these fines. It won't do much good if they can be ignored.