Oregon Hound Hunting Bill Clears House

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mountain lionIn 1994 Oregon voters banned the use of hounds when hunting cougars; however the steady rise of cougar problems in rural areas is spurring a drive to allow hound hunting once again. Oregon Live has a write up about House Bill 2337 and the move to overturn voter approval.

Supporters say more needs to be done to manage a growing cougar population that threatens livestock and leaves many rural -- and even suburban -- residents in fear. "It's time to get our wildlife professionals back in the business of keeping our wildlife populations at reasonable levels," said Rep. Brian Clem, D-Salem. Rep. Sherrie Sprenger, R-Scio, who carried the bill on the House floor, said she expects several counties to expand cougar hunting if the measure becomes law.


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I really hope this bill

I really hope this bill passes the senate, I have been paying attention to this bill but didnt think it even had a chance on passing in the House so this is a huge first step. I think it has a pretty good chance on passing due to the numerous complaints lately about cat attacks on horses and other live stock just a couple miles from a pretty populated suburb of portland. Over the past 5-10 years there have been tons of complaints and cat/bear and humaan conflicts, starting out in the very rural ares but now getting closer and closer to heavily populated areas. If this one doesnt pass i know there will be more bills right behind it and also I know of a group goig around getting signitures to put it to another vote witch I think would pass, the hippie tree huggers are also becoming concerned about the rising numbers of sighting in town and such. Now that it has passed the house I'll have to pay closer attention to it and see if it will pass the senate, I know if it does our Democrat Govoner will sign it as he is a hunter himself and has said de supports hound hunting for cougar and bear and was disapointed when voters didnt reverse the law the 2 other time it was attempted. I wonder where they got the current cougar population numbers for the article?  the last time i dug around looking for info The biologists for the ODFW claimed that we had a population of 8000-10,000 cats and that was 2 years ago.