Oregon Children Get a Bear Day

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Tualatin Elementary School was canceled Wednesday due to a 200 pound bear running in the field near by. Children who showed up to school before the cancellation announcement got to watch as wildlife officials tried to capture the bear. The bear was able to elude the officials, and then was tranquillized. The bear fell asleep in a tree, but did not fall into the net beneath. A firefighter climbed up the tree, fashioned a harness around the bear who was then brought down safely. The bear will be released into the coastal mountain region, from AJC.com.


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I grew up having tons of snow

I grew up having tons of snow days in Vermont, but a bear day????

Funny story.  Probably a smart thing to do, not wanting any children to get hurt.

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I was watching this on my

I was watching this on my laptop as it was happening, It was pretty cool. It was the 3rd bear sighting in a neighborhood in 4 days. also in the same morning there was a bear in a Vancouver WA neighborhood just across the river. There have been a lo of residential bears in the past few years. On the news they posted a chart showing bear related sighting and damages in the past ten years, it was amazing how much it has jumped up in the past 10 years, going from 389 reports to 1135 reports from 2000 till 2010. Maybe with all the pub about bears the voters here will reverse the ban on baiting.

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Seems like Oregon is getting

Seems like Oregon is getting a lot of different press lately for wildlife related news stories. Fotunately this bear showed up and was spotted before school started and not while the kids were out on the playground or something. I does not appear that the bear had any bad intentions he just happened to show up at the wrong place at the wrong time. An incident that has been happening in more and more states lately. Hope full now that the bear has been captured and released some where else it will no longer be a problem and will live a normal life until one of us hapens to find him again with a license in hand after he has grown up some more.