Oregon Busts Poaching Ring

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Oregon State Police troopers made a major wildlife bust this week rounding up and indicting 9 men and women accused of hundreds of wildlife violations. Koin Local 6 has a write up on the long list of violations and staggering amount of confiscated mounts and related poaching paraphernalia.

The lead investigator, OSP Trooper Marc Boyd, alleged that the group is responsible for the "illegal harvest of approximately 300 deer in the McKenzie wildlife management unit over the last five years." In addition to deer, elk, antelope and bear were unlawfully taken, according to an OSP release.


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lengthy jail sentence AND large fines sound right to me

There’s just no excuse for that level of poaching activity. These people weren’t just feeding their families or doing anything else with any reasonable explanation or excuse. Not with that level of killing.

I agree that the state of Oregon ought to fully prosecute every one of them. They should “throw the book at them” and make an example of them to spread the message that anyone thinking about conducting themselves in a similar fashion will be caught and punished. As far as I am concerned a lengthy jail sentence AND large fines are certainly appropriate. Any tools used in the poaching should be confiscated (including vehicles, and the homes where the game was processed and stored).

This type of behavior is not just killing game and destroying a portion of the breeding population damaging all future generations of game animals in these herds. It is stealing those harvests from every father and son, or first season hunter who legitimately buys a license and goes out to hunt abiding by the rules. In my opinion, this level of poaching goes beyond criminal behavior and ventures way over the line into what is morally repugnant on multiple levels.

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Holy Moly that's alot of

Holy Moly that's alot of racks!!!

Too bad they got away with it for so long.  Hopefully they will stick it to them all.

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That is a great story.  So

That is a great story.  So glad to see some people get busted that have been getting away with it for so long.  Always makes you wonder how many animals a group like that actually killed over the years and how many kids were brought thinking that it is ok to do actions like that and then to call themselves a hunter which they are very far from.  Hopefully the state will throw the book at all of them and make a great exapmle of them.

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Good job to the state of

Good job to the state of Oregon for busting what appears to be a whole family of poachers. Some people have total disregard for the law and no respect for the animals that the rest of us true hunters enjoy to hunt.

I hope they are adequately punished for the crimes they took part in. Groups like this show up in different states every year and they need to get the message that they will be caught and punished severely.

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I also think this is sad that

I also think this is sad that it went on for so long and so many animals died at the hands of these criminals. I just dont understand why these investigations go on for so long before law enforcement can or will do anything about it. I'm glad they finally stepped in and arrested these scum. I just hope now the courts and justice system do there part and put them away for good and make them pay huge fines. Atleast for now this group wont be illegaly killing anymore animals here in Oregon. There are great deer and elk numbers down in that unit and i have hunted it several times.

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holy cow

This is amazing, and so sad that it can A) go on for so long, B) that this kind of thing still occurs