Oregon Bird Hunters May Get Access to Private Land

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The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, with grant money from the federal government is hoping to open 95,000 acres to upland bird hunting in the Columbia Basin. The department is offering land owners in the Columbia Basin anywhere from 78 cents to $3 per acre to open their land to bird hunters. The land owners can choose advance reservation hunting or walk-in hunting.

The ODFW staff helps landowners who participate in the program by posting signs, installing permit boxes, patrolling properties, coordinating hunter reservations, and managing all other aspects of the hunting access program. The state also provides liability protection for participating landowners. From The East Oregonian.


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I'm not sure if this program

I'm not sure if this program has been used at all up in Oregon in the past for any other type of hunting or even bird hunting before. But I can say from experience that similar programs have worked out very well in other states. I have been using walk in areas in Wyoming for many years now along with hunter management areas that you are allowed to drive in as well as walk. Some of these areas are huge and have opened up millions of acres of private land to public sportsmen. Without them my Wyoming hunting for antelope would not have taken off nearly so well, Sometimes it can be very difficult to get a permit on public land for a buck antelope, at least in the early season when it works out the best for me so as to not interfere with my deer hutning here at home. I guess some guys are afraid to give them a try as we have been able to draw out and hunt for the last 5 years now as we build preference points for better units. We have never taken any huge bucks bau have always been successful nad had a great time.

Hats off and thank you to Oregon, Wyoming and any other states that are making use of and promoting these types of programs.