OR-7's Litter-Mate Hunted in Idaho

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The Imnaha wolf pack from Oregon has received a lot of attention lately. First the Oregon Fish and Game issued an order to kill two of the pack, as they had repeatedly killed domestic animals, but that was blocked by a federal court order. Then some of the wolves crossed into Idaho, OR-7 continued on to California looking for a mate, in his quest he became famous. Now littler mate OR-9 is in the news because he was shot by an Idaho hunter on February 2nd.

Idaho has new legislation where hunters' identities are not public record. This hunter did everything by the book - he brought the hide and skull to the Fish and Game office. The collar identifying OR-9 will be returned to Oregon. The hunter did receive a warning however, due to the fact that his license had expired. He had one that went through 2011, and had been informed he did not need to renew in 2012, when in fact that was false information.

Oregon's fight to kill the wolves is in legislation now. A bill backed by ranchers would give the state the ability to kill the problem wolves, without federal interference. Conservationists are fighting the bill, so it will be a tough pass through the Senate and House. A separate measure is also in legislation, which would create a tax credit going into a fund that would be for ranchers' expenses when they lose cattle to wolves. From The Bulletin.