Opportunity Presents Itself

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Virginia Mattson-Tracy is no stranger to hunting. She is 81 years old, and has been shooting and hunting for the majority of her life. While in her 70s she realized the physical aspects of hunting were too much for her. Traipsing through the woods was enough work, but gutting the deer and hauling it back was just too taxing. The last time she shot one in the woods was in 2005 and she called her grandson-in-law to help her bring it home.

Virginia still gets her tag, but lets the deer come to her. She says if one presents itself, she fills her tag and if not - then nope. Virginia was working at her home, and had come into the kitchen, over to the sink when she happened to look out the window. She spotted a deer out in the field. She grabbed her .300 Savage rifle, that she keeps ready during hunting season, and all she needs to do is just jack a shell in.

Virginia went outside, and the buck was still standing there about 30 yards away. Then she saw her husband driving up the driveway and was afraid the buck might get spooked. He stood still, Virginia took one shot. The buck ran a little and jumped over a fence knocking off an antler. Virginia went to get the tractor to haul back the deer, and her husband took care of the field dressing. Her buck weighed in at 128 lbs. Virginia waited, and opportunity presented itself. Congratulations Virginia. From Bangor Daily News.


its always good to see women

its always good to see women in hunting it really great to see a woman who has been doing it fir years. congrats and good luck on future hunts.

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  Congratulations go to


Congratulations go to Virginia!  Being 81 years young and continuing to find a way to stay active in hunting is fantastic.  I can only hope to do the same when I am 81.  This is also a great story of another woman breaking through what is perceived a man's sport and harvesting a nice buck.  Life is too short and I am glad to see another story about this.  It is obvious that she keeps her hunter orange right next to her .300 Savage.  She must be pretty fast?!?!?!  The tractor is a great tool to assist in her efforts.  The husband is a great man for doing the field-dressing.  Also nice that she owns a piece of property that allows her to continue her hunting enthusiasm.  I look forward to possible additional stories of Virginia's quests!


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I like this story a lot as it

I like this story a lot as it brings back memories for me as well. My granfather in his last years would get his tag and just set his rifle by the bedroom window and wait every morning to see if any bucks would wander by. We didn't live in a very good area back then so it only seemed to happen just before or after the season and I was never able to witness him getting one but I know he had many good years before I was old enough to be a part of the hunt. I have that rifle myself now and have used it a couple of times to take deer in his memory. Congratulations to th ewoman for never quitting and getting the job doen whenever she gets the chance.

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Another great story of an

Another great story of an older hunter getting the chance to fill a tag.  Great to see them still trying to participate in hunting, even if on a more limited basis.  It's funny, but you wonder how many deer are shot like this.  My cousin up in Maine, the one who has shot the 2 moose already, was sitting home one day while her husband and friends were up at deer cap.  He came home empty, but she had a deer hanging. They have an apple tree, and a field just behind the house.  A buck had walked into the field, exactly like in this story.  She dropped it on the spot.

She actually passed on one under the apple tree 30 yards outside the kitchen a couple of years prior.  I guess you do need to just be ready when opportunity presents itself, whether you are 5 miles into the backcountry, or 100 yards out the kitchen window!  :wink:  Congrats to Virginia on the deer and filling her freezer!

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I hope I can still hunt when

I hope I can still hunt when I'm 81 years old!  Great story.

Might be a nugget for all of us here too.  Know your limits, stay within your limits, and be ready for the opportunity if it comes.  Pretty good example of doing the best you can with what you have.  That said, I wouldn't mind having a tractor to load up the critter and pack it home either.  Maybe by the time I'm 81 years old, eh.

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Another great story of a

Another great story of a woman in the filed.  Gotta love it.  Glad she still has the passion to go out after them.  Hunting from them kitchen sounds like a good idea to me at times.  After some of the past hunts I have been on hunting from the kitchen and then getting the tractor to haul it out sounds real good to me.  Congrats to her on filling her freezer of some great meat.