Ontario's Moose Hunt Hampered by Warm Weather

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For those that spent their long weekend hunting moose in Ontario's season opener, there is a good chance they may go home empty handed. The unseasonably warm weather for the opening weekend has kept the moose more stationary. With cooler weather the animals move around more and make themselves more visible. With the warm weather, if a moose is killed it also becomes a race against time to get the animal taken care of before the heat spoils it.

Locals can usually wait for the cooler weather before going out on their moose hunt. Hunters that have traveled to Ontario and can't wait around for the cooler weather, good luck and safe travels.

The regular moose hunting season began on Saturday and will last into December. From CBCNews.com.


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That darn wamwer temps are

That darn wamwer temps are really starting to get to hunters all over.  This year my be one of those years that the harvest numbers are down unless we get some colder weather and maybe the rifle hunters will have a good year.  I know the early rifle hunters ion my area last benefited from a warmer archery and muzzloader season and then it cooled off for them but they may just get a bit wartmer temps than they did last year.  Maybe us second season hunters will get all the benefits of the crappy warm werather early in all the seasons!

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I looks like the warm weather

I looks like the warm weather curse for hunting season can get you no matter where you live or hunt. Foryunately they have a very long season to change the plans and go later if needed, at least for the locals anyway. I think if I was spending that much money and going that far I would try to plan a trip when the weather should normally be much more conducive to good hunting. Even though the weather can go to extremes here it will usually be better for hunting the later in the year your hunt is.

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Man the weather all over the

Man the weather all over the place this season so far has been very odd. I feel bad for the people who traveled to hunt the opening weekend and probably got skunked. Hopefully the weather will be more sutible for moose hunting soon and we can read reports of record book animal coming out of there. The weather for my hunts around home was hot. That makes it for some tough hunting however it still can be done with a little extra effort. Atleast the season is long enough for some hunter to get a second chance at it. Good luck to all who are unting moose in Onterio and lets hope for some better conditions.

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  Very nice long moose season


Very nice long moose season they have there!  If you have the ability just wait another week or two or another month - just like the locals.  Easy for me to say.

I like (not really) the picture the CBC news organization chose for this article - two moose calves with one trying to lick the other.  Why not use a file photo of a nice bull moose?