In One Week, Five Dead Bighorn Sheep

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A herd of 60 bighorn sheep once frequented an area near Clinton ranch, Vancouver. Now that herd has been scared away from the area. In two separate instances in one week five bighorn sheep have been shot dead, and left. There are currently no leads.

The first incident happened near Lytton, 2 rams were shot and left. Then three days later, 2 rams and a ewe were shot near Clinton. There have not been more reports of dead bighorn sheep. These occurrences were hundreds of miles apart.

Bighorn sheep are not an endangered species, but hunting them is limited. There are only two licenses auctioned off annually.

The two incidents have baffled conservation officers. Not only were the sheep left untouched where they fell, Mr. Wasylik said the animals are very difficult to hunt. He said deer would be easier to hunt because there are more of them and they’re easier to reach.

Vancouver has a Wildlife Act that allows the judge to be creative with the fines, it could be anywhere from $1,000- $3,000 and maybe community service as well. If one party is responsible for all five of the shootings, there will probably be some jail time. From The Globe and Mail.