One Way to Have a Successful Hunting Trip

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A man with a firearm riding a 4 wheeler on the railroad tracks in rural Mount Vernon, South Dakota came upon a pick-up truck. In the pick-up truck's bed was a large 5 point whitetail buck that was someone else's successful harvest. This man may have been hunting in the area, and decided to help himself. He stole the buck and took off.

Now Crime Stoppers and the victim who's buck has been stolen are offering a reward totaling $1250. Mitchell Area Crime Stoppers is seeking information regarding this incident or suspicious activity in this area. The phone number is 996-1700. From The Daily Republic.


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Unbelievable what people will

Unbelievable what people will do. My ex father in law had an elk stolen similar years ago. Left it tied to a wheeler that ran out of gas and when they got back 8 hours later the elk was gone and the 4wheeler trashed and tires slashed.

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I don't like the title

It makes it sounds as it was some unusual way to harvest an animal.  This is plain theft nothing more. 


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That's a new way to poach a

That's a new way to poach a deer.  Results are the same though, some jerk still took a fine deer away from a true sportsman and hunter.  

Lock your doors, and your deer, when travelling in South Dakota!

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I never could understand

I never could understand stealing another's harvest. If I did not kill it, I would not want it bad enough to steal it. (Not that I condone stealing :)  )