Old Grizzly Euthanized

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An aging Montana grizzly bear, known as Stanley had to be euthanized. On Friday the bear was able to get into a landmark barn and eat 30-50 lbs of livestock feed. Saturday a trap was set out and the grizzly bear was captured south of Augusta, Montana.

The bear was so old its teeth were worn down and decayed. It is believed this is what caused him to venture out of his normal habitat, and forage for easier food. He was taken to Montana's Fish, Wildlife and Parks Bozeman laboratory. The bear was very emaciated, which was one of the reasons he was euthanized. In 2007 he was responsible for cabin break-ins in the Flathead National Forest.

Mike Madel, a grizzly bear management specialist for Fish, Wildlife and Parks, says the bear was between 24 and 27 years old. Male grizzlies usually only live to about 22 years old, where the female will live longer than males. This bear may be the oldest one captured in the Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem. From The Great Falls Tribune.


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That was one tired old bear.

That was one tired old bear. With no hunting in the lower 48 bears can grow to be that big and ddie of old age. The other pictures of his theeth amaze me. He had those things wore down very well. I don't blame that big boy for coming in and trying to find easier food to eat. I dought he could eat his normal forage. The claws on him look a bit like steak knifes. It is nice to see a wild bear get to live to be that age. I would  have hated to see that guy out in the woods though. Even with those teeth he could have torn me to shreds with those daggers he had on his paws. Well I'm glad he was finally captured and put down before either the bear or a person got hurt. With all the issues with Grizzlies this year it would be sad for someone else to get attacked by this guy just looking for an easy meal.

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This bear must have been a

This bear must have been a really smart bear to make it so far in life. This bear was probably on edge of losing his mind. It was probably best that this bear was put down before someone got hurt and the bear did some real damage.

This bear has probably seen alot of action through his years.

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Wow now that's an old bear.

Wow now that's an old bear. It's a shame to see him put down but I'm thinking it was for his own good and at an opportune time. With the condition he was in it might have been good timing for him to be caught when he was as he could have turned in to a much bigger problem or hurt someone as his search for food became more desperate. In this condition his actions would have probably become much more erratic and agressive soon.

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Very nice looking bear.  Too

Very nice looking bear.  Too bad he had to be put down.  But i am glad to see Grizzly living to be in there 20's.  I hope that the rancher also learner a little too, like make sure your stuff is better stored and bear proff. 

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That is a great bear...too

That is a great bear...too bad he had to go down like that, but with as bad his heath appeared as said before he would most likely not made it thru another winter.  Glad to see he could be pit down with little or no pain.

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Wow, that is definitely an

Wow, that is definitely an impressive bear! The link to the complete article shows a picture of his teeth. They were just rounded off pieces of teeth. This bear was not able to defend himself other than with its paws. You are right in that he most likely would have not have made it through this winter. Still very impressive.


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That was one old bear for

That was one old bear for sure. From the picture you can tell he was at the end of his ride. I would bet to say he would have not come out of his long winters sleep if he even made it that far.