Oklahoma's New Hunting Regulations Start Friday

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The Oklahoma Hunting Guide states that the new laws takes effect on November 1st but that is a misprint, the new regulations go into effect starting this Friday.

The new regulations that passed the state Legislature last session and become effective Friday will:

Lower the age at which people are exempt from hunter education requirements from age 36 to age 31.

Lower the age that a youth can obtain an apprentice-designated hunting license from age 10 to 8.

Lower the age requirement from 21 to 18 for the hunter who must accompany someone hunting with an apprentice license.

Require that all hunters younger than 10 who are hunting big game be accompanied in the field by an adult.

Parents wanted to be able to take their children hunting with them, and allowing apprentice-designated licenses made sense. This allows children under 10 to accompany an older licensed hunter, and then go through a hunter education class when they are older. Youths used to be able to go hunting alone once they had completed hunter's education, so Oklahoma changed it to those younger than 10 can go along with an apprentice license. Youths under 10 that have completed the hunter's education may hunt small game alone, but for big game such as deer they must go with an adult that has a hunting license as well. From NewsOK.com.


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  I have to agree with


I have to agree with hunter25 as I too see no logical reason to lower the age for exemption to the hunter safety certification.  You are now talking about a person born in 1980 not having to be certified.  I graduated high school in 1980 and see nobody having a good reason why hunter certification would not be helpful, instructional, and really necessary.  Colorado has their regulation set at the late 1940's.  For a 40 year difference there really is something amiss with Oklahoma here.  Maybe they just want it easier for more hunters to get licenses thus more revenue for the state.  I just don't agree with them here.

I do like the new change allowing an apprentice license now at age 8.  It is always good in being able to get a youth out hunting and as long as they are properly supervised AND have been taught hunter safety they should be allowed to be involved in the sport with an adult.


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I have only hunted in

I have only hunted in Oklahoma one time on a friends family property for a whitetailed deer but was unable to fill the tag. Hopefully I'll be able to get a chance ttry it again sometime as it was a great place to hunt. Maybe turkeys next time instead though as they sure had a bunch of them. Most of these changes are a little wierd to me as I see no point in lowering the age needed to not be required to have a hunter safety card, just because your a little older doesn't mean your safer. And I can't imagine anyone leaving a ten year old out hunting without supervision anyway.

Oh well there must be some reason they needed to put these changes into effect or they wouldn't have wasted the time. Lowering the apprentice age is good as I think the younger the better if the child is interested and proficient enough with his chosen weapon.