Oklahoma Man Charged in Hunting Scam

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James Jenkins is charged with accepting money from hunters in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, and Missouri for planned hunting trips that never materialized. When the hunts were canceled, Mr. Jenkins is charged with not refunding the money, totaling more than $75,000. Tulsa World has a write up on Mr. Jenkins and his charges.

James Adam Jenkins, 39, was booked into the Tulsa Jail on three counts of unfair or deceptive trade practice in violation of the Oklahoma Consumer Protection Act. He was released on $9,000 bond later Tuesday, jail records show. Attorney General Scott Pruitt said in a statement that other complaints against Jenkins are being investigated and that additional felony charges are possible.


He's at it again

Before being brought up on charges for the hunting scam he started a new one. He is now operating BK Premium Products. He has taken advantage of serveral off duty firemen in 2 or 3 states. He had them pay in to be teritory managers in a charity/food share program. Then all of a sudden there are "product shortages" and the title charity never gets paid.

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WThen this guy deserves jail time

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Well, this is one of the many

Well, this is one of the many reasons I am so fearful when trying to set up my first ever hunt with an outfitter next year.

My dad and I are hoping to go to Illinois, but there are so many websites out there.  All of them off those great references, so who knows which one to chose?

The sad part of this is that I bet this guy was an everyday hunter, and would have been really pi$$ed if someone had done this to him.  It's unfortunate.

Hopefully he will spend some good time in jail, and will be ordered to repay the victims.  It's unlikely though that they would recover that money though.

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book him!

That's just unforgivable.  Give him a fair trial and if guilty treat it just like burglary.  In my opinion, if this guy is guilty, then this guy is a thief and deserves not only to have to repay every penny but also do do jail time, lots of it. 

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Good job catching this guy

Good job catching this guy and I hope they catch everyone like him. To collect over $75,000 he must have ripped off a lot of guys before he got caught. This all comes down to doing enough research. But the thing is the guys with a solid reputation that everyone has heard of are usually much more expensive. That's how these guys get in with hunters looking for a deal and trusting our own to be fair and honest. I have been taken myself but for only a couple hundred dollars and a bad experience. These guys lost more than that.


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Man - the internet is a

Man - the internet is a wonderful thing, but it sure makes it easy to do this sort of thing, doesn't it?

A few pictures of some landscape, some animals supposedly taken there, some glowing "testimonials" of a few highly-satisfied customers and a good-looking website - and you have all the elements needed to tempt hunters to lay down their money.

I'm glad that they caught this guy, and I'd be pretty sure that there are many more just like him out there doing the same thing.

Hunters, BEWARE!