Ohio Seeks Hunters' Input on Effort

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Ohio Division of Wildlife knows how many hunters they have, by the number of licenses they sell. However to help with the management of Ohio deer they are asking for hunters' feedback on a survey, specifically in regards to how much effort it takes to harvest those deer. 45,000 surveys were sent out, and this year they are adding an email survey. 20,000 hunters have received the survey by email, and more are responding via email than the mailed out surveys. Ohio DOW has been using this survey system for management since 2009, adding questions as things change, and this year the email survey was a new addition.

Mike Tonkovich, who is based out of the Athens DOW office, got some help from professors at Ohio University with this year's survey. "They told us that if you put a contentious question on the survey, it'll bump up the response." From TheDailyRecord.com.


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  I agree with all posters


I agree with all posters here that the more information collected allows for better decision being made.

I actually went to the link and it provides the introduction to the survey plus another link to the  "deer hunter log".  It is a very basic log that is not turned into the Ohio DOW.  All the log accounts for is the separate weeks of the months (deer hunting season months) and has boxes for number of days hunted, the county(s) hunted, and the amount of deer harvested. The intro actually states it allows the hunter to recollect specifics as will be needed later in the year for completing the actual survey questions.  However, I could not find the actual questions going to be asked.

I thought the log would be more specific - i.e. forest versus field hunting, AM or PM hunting, weather condition, bow versus shotgun, tree stand hunt versus deer drive, how many hours hunted, etc....  Maybe making the log too specific would dissuade the hunter from doing the effort.

Anyhow I also like the idea of both snail mail and e-mailing the survey as it increases the amount of responses on data being returned.

Good for Ohio.  I was a part of Colorado's survey last year and hope to be "chosen" again this year.


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The more information that can

The more information that can be gathered the better they should be able to manage the herds. I like the fact that they are now using the email method to better get guys to respond. We now have that system here in Colorado as well and it makes a huge difference for me in getting a response in quickly or forgetting altogether. I have always questioned some of the estimates used and how accurate they are. I know many states require you to actually check your deer after harvest. Again the more information the better.

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  I've always taken the time


I've always taken the time to assist Biologists with gathering data for wildlife and fisheries.  I enjoy it actually and take pride in the fact that I can accurately report what I'm encountering in the wild.  Others never get out there or just take for granted what the outdoors has to offer.  We are all stewards of the forest so to speak and hunters have been at the fore front of wildlife management forever.  We should all keep logs aside from the state questionnaires.  I have a leather hardbound journal I like to write down things in.  Someday maybe it will be sitting in my family cabin for generations to ponder over the way things used to be.


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I agree, that's pretty cool. 

I agree, that's pretty cool.  Too often states just throw out numbers, stating that is their deer harvest.  Sometimes, it's nice to have it broken down further.  Like it said, how easy was it to get those deer, how much effort they put in, and a general "log" of all those hunts.  When looking at those whole numbers, we don't see if someone harvested 3 deer, within 15 minutes of the start of the season, 200 yards from the house, or if the person put in a month in the field, hunting hard every day for hours, before finally getting their deer.

You also don't see how many people pass up, versus how many people shoot the first legal deer they see.  I wonder that sometimes in my own state.  Nobobdy really knows that.

I think Ohio has a good start on gathering the pertinent information.  It will surely go a long way towards learning about, and further managing their deer herd.

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This is pretty cool, all the

This is pretty cool, all the data collected has it's purpose. On our end of season survey we have to do It asked questions like where we hunted and for what and for how many days. When all the the info is collected and sifted through and releasedd to the public I like to look over it. I get info on what the harvest rates were and how many days hunters were in the field hunting and what type of animals are in the area. Also how many hunters are hunting the area. When the surveys were volentary the ODFW wasn't getting enough data to make the program work so now it's mandatory and the info they are putting out is great. The only thing is the hunters need to take the time and fill out the survey and return it. It usually take less then 10 minutes and the data will help the DNR determine how to help manage the deer herds.