Ohio Man Claims Wolf Scratch Makes Him Violent

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Lorain County sheriff's deputies received a phone call there was a very violent man attacking other campers at Timber Ridge Campground in Amherst, Ohio. When the deputies arrived the man, Thomas Stroup, 20, was asleep under a trailer. Stroup growled at the deputies. One of Stroup's friends said that Stroup had been drinking heavily and had fought with other campers who had left before the deputies arrived.

Stroup was arrested and apologized on the way to the jail, he said he had too much vodka, and a wolf scratch he received makes him act violently when there is a full moon. From UPI.com.


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Wow..seriously....yeah I

Wow..seriously....yeah I agree that it sounds like someone who has some issues, and looking for a good excuse to get away with them or looking for some attention.  Werewolf...huh....maybe a sivler bullet will make him feel better.

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Yep, this one for sure sounds

Yep, this one for sure sounds like a case of someone with problems looking for a way to get out of some of the trouble he caused. Unfortunately I think he could have found a better excuse than the one he came up with. Probably watched too many twilight movies with his friends.

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Ummmmmm.... Okay...... I

Ummmmmm.... Okay...... I wonder if it was the wolf scratch, or the vodka??? lol

Just show this one to your kids, and say "Don't do drugs!!!!!!".  Funny, but sad at the same time.