Officials Focus on Socially Acceptable Grizzly Management

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Having reached a healthy grizzly bear population in Yellowstone, wildlife officials are focusing on new zones outside Yellowstone that may be suitable for grizzly expansion. The only problem is there doesn't appear to be any agreement on suitable (biologically and socially) habitat outside Yellowstone. According to the Billings Gazette, Wyoming officials have struggled to find any location where brown bear populations may grow.

“We’re not interested in grizzly bears occupying new habitat except in areas where they already are,” said Brian Nesvik of Wyoming Game and Fish. “Socially acceptable habitat would be areas where grizzlies already occupy. We’re not interested in expansion. We’re maxed out on grizzly bears already.” Nesvik said some areas within the greater Yellowstone ecosystem already provide both biologically suitable and socially acceptable habitat for the bear.


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This is a tricky one, I love

This is a tricky one, I love Grizzly bears, I think they are a amazing animal, but on the flip side if they expand there territory your just asking for problems with the beas wondering into neighborhood and causing problems for the residents. I for one would not wanna walk up on one while out hunting. a black bear I'm not affraid of but a grizz i am, they are upto 1000lbs of pure power and strength. I hope they can come up with a really good plan. Why not just let the bears expand on there own, i dont think they need our help with that.

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It sounds like a good idea on

It sounds like a good idea on papoer, and me personally I would love to be able to live and coexsist with the grizzly or any bear for that matter.  And I am sure that some people will agree to the plan until they start having the bear in their yards and getting into stuff and then they will start the phone calls to Game and Fish.  No matter what you do you are always gonna have people that are against it.