October Round of the Grand Slam Challenge Contest Starts Tomorrow!

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The next round of the BigGameHunt Grand Slam Challenge Contest starts October 1st! 

Vanguard is back to sponsor the October 2011 round!  They have generously donated a large variety of high quality optics and shooting accessories. For 25 years, VANGUARD has been a global leader in high-quality photo-video accessories, hunting accessories and sporting optics. The diverse lineup includes products with first-of-its-kind features that are molding industry standards.

Check out the contest announcement page to see all the new prizes up for grabs in October. Do review the official contest rules as well. 

Information to help get started with contributing your photos and stories to BGH!


Tips and Story submission guidelines:


Thank you VANGUARD for your support and sponsorship!


hunter25's picture

Thank you again to BGH and

Thank you again to BGH and all the sponsors for keeping this site and all the contests going. I can't believe all the great prizes that continue to be put up month after month. The list for October is great with really good prizes all the way down to the bottom. Like the others have said this month will be a busy one for me so we'll see how much time I'll be able to spend here. Already been gone the first week with hunting planned every week and day off from here to the end of the month.

Thank you agin to everyone involved for making this possible and a great place to be.

numbnutz's picture

Yet another fine list of

Yet another fine list of prizes to be had this month. A HUGE thank you to Vanguard and BGH for putting these contests on for us. This has been the best site for hunting topics and a place for people to go to learn. I have enjoyed my time on the site and hopefully have help a few people too. I have also met some great people who I wouldnt hesitate to share a camp with. Again Thank you all.

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My Hats Off!


Hats off to BGH and Vanguard!  Hats off to BGH for being the best Hunter-focused web-site.  I no longer waste my time with any other outdoor website.  I just happened to come across this web-site when I googled Elk hunting.  I'm glad I did and haven't looked elsewhere! 

Hats off to Vanguard for sponsoring BGH's Grand Slam Challenge and supplying top quality products.  I thought September was an excellent Grand Slam Challenge with all of the prizes offered but Vanguard has set yet another high level mark!  October has 7 prizes that to me continue to surpass all of those of previously high quality items.

You have me hooked for good and I have spread the word to all of my hunting partners and friends.  Thanks to both BGH and Vanguard!



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I've said it before and I'll say it again

I have said it before and I'll say it again- you guys Rock!  Thank you to all teh staff at BigGameHunt.net for all the work that you do at BGH and to Vanguard for sponsoring the latest Grand Slam Challenge.  This IS the best bar none hunting website on the internet or off of it.  

As the others have said - I'll be out turkey hunting starting at O dark thirty tomorrow morning so this contest is wide open this month.  As for smart phones - lol, I have trouble enough working my cell phone and GPS let alone going online form a hunting blind by satellite lol! But you never know....I just might log on in the evenings to make an appearance!  

Good luck everybody!  

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As usual, a big thanks to BGH

As usual, a big thanks to BGH and to Vanguard fro sponsoring the October round of the Grand Slam Challenge.  There is no place on the net with a more well rounded, coast to coast coverage of hunting topics.  There may be some loacl boards that are more area-specific, but for overall contribution and knowledge, this place has them beat. 

As Goose, I will be out a little in October, but still could make some appearances. Especially with smart phones now. Wink


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Yet again alot of great

Yet again alot of great prizes to be had.  Thanks to BGH and Vanguard.  I will be hunting 16 days during the October month.  Not gonna be around much. 

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Thanks you Vanguard

Thanks Vanguard for your sponsorship in October. That is one heck of a prize list for sure and I would be pleased to receive any of those gift prizes. Thanks for your support.