NRA Receives Response from Capital One

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A couple of weeks ago we mentioned the story of Capital One rejecting a hunter's photo for a personalized credit card. Capital One has responded to the NRA and it appears there is a bit more to the story than originally reported. Check out the story over at NRA Hunters Rights.

“Please understand that we do in fact accept hunting images and have many cardholders with such imagery on their cards. In this specific case, the photo that was submitted was too graphic (showed blood). We invite this cardholder to submit the cropped photo that is appearing on your site, which was not the image that was declined by Capital One. In fact, the version that is appearing on your site would be accepted by Capital One.

So apparently "pretty" dead game is OK, but bloody dead game is not. In other words, presumably a picture of a nicely cooked hamburger is OK, but the game that is going to become the nice hamburger, may or may not be OK.


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well...ok I guess

I haven’t been following the case but this seems like a reasonable distinction to make to me. Its just better photography to have a cleaner photo and that said it serves no one to have a gory game photo out there – especially circulating among non-hunters. As for whether or not to support Capital One – I think that we are all better off to avoid credit cards as much as possible. I am tempted by the cash back offer on charges, but I recently found a DEBIT card that offers 2% back so I am planning to switch my business to them. I’ll still be able to get the rewards without having to run the risk of making a late payment or otherwise incurring interest or some silly bank fee. We can all do without THOSE!

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Well that makes alot more

Well that makes alot more sense.  I too would rather see a well cleaned up sucessfull hunting photo than one will alot of blood still in the picture.  I carry some extra water with me just so I can clean the animal up before I take my pics because in some cases that will be all that we have left from the trip.  I too have heard alot of magazines will not take photos from readers that have alot of excessive blood in them.

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If they are telling the truth

If they are telling the truth then I think they make a good point from a business standpoint. Even many hunting magazines won't accept a photo of an animal that was not cleaned up.

Other than that I'm not to impressed with Capitol one anyway and have recently cancelled my card from them. Funny thing is I didn't even realize they offered this service and I held the card for ten years until last month.

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Well this makes sence to me,

Well this makes sence to me, I for one don't get wooosy around "bloody pictures" but I have many friends that are hunters that say that taking pictures of bloody game is tasteless. for me I dont care but i can see where they're coming from. I for one would take the few minutes it takes to wipe off the blood for a photo but not everyone thinks like that. If you watch any outdoor hunting shows I'd say close to 95% of them will clean the animal up a bit before the photo shoot and video camera close up.