Novice Wisconsin Bow Hunter Gets 15 Point Buck

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As a seasoned hunter, Jeff Weber typically uses a firearm. However this year he decided to give archery a try. He had spotted a trophy buck with his trail cam on land east of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. He bought a used bow, and a target and started practicing in mid-August.

Weber saw the buck now being called "Weber buck" back on opening day, September 17th, he didn't take a shot though. He hunted every night for two weeks, wanting to get the buck before the corn field by his stand was harvested. Weber had taken several days off and then went back out Wednesday night. He saw the buck. He waited half an hour to get a shot at the buck. He drew back and released, hitting the deer in the chest. This happened at around 6:40 pm. He found his arrow and there was blood. He and his hunting group tracked a bloody trail, they were about ready to give up when they found the deer a little after 10 pm.

Weber kept the deer in a walk-in cooler at the family's business and then took it to Dutch's Trading Post, where he registered it Thursday morning. Weber has a chance at having a state champion deer, official scoring will take place in a couple of months. A crowd formed, and Weber was congratulated. Weber only kept the buck out for a short while as he wanted to get it to a cooler. When asked if he will trade his firearm for the bow he said," It was too much fun to quit now. I'm hooked." From


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Man, I've been at it for 15

Man, I've been at it for 15 years, and I can't even get a doe. This guy sees a trophy buck on a trail camera, says "Hey, I should take up archery", and goes and buys a used bow?  Then he shoots thist monster? Maybe I need to give it up.....

Seriously though, that is one HUGE buck!!!!!  I don't know what I would even think if that guy stepped out and walked under my stand.  My knees would be shaking, heart pounding, and I'd probably faint.  Maybe I would get lucky, fall on the deer, and my arrow would pierce his back, killing him instantly..... lol

Awesome buck!  Wisconsin surely grows some bruisers.  Congrats to the hunter, a dream for sure!

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That is one heck of a deer.

That is one heck of a deer. CONGRATS!

That would just be amazing to see a deer like that while sitting in the stand. It would be a tough one to try to keep steady enough to shoot and to not shoot to soon. I always have had that problem but as the years pass I find differant ways of calming myself until the arrow leaves the rest.

Great looking buck and hope it scores huge.

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Wow, just another great deer

Wow, just another great deer from the great state of WI. We may not have big game like Elk, sheep, Mule Deer or Moose to hunt. But at least we have some nice bucks like this. Now don't get me wrong we don't have them around every tree but they are here and guys that put in the time, and of course have the property or permission to hunt the property will have a chance at a great animal like this.

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Now that's a hog right there

Now that's a hog right there and one to be proud of forever. Looks like he learned his new hunting method quickly and was able to put his previous experience to work to make the transition. I grew up in Wisconsin and miss the way it worked back there as you could hunt all the different seasons and not have to choose one weapon and season like you do here in Colorado. It would definately motivate me to work harder gettting back into archery if I didn't have to give up my rifle to do it. Anyway congratulation to the man for the buck of a lifetime no matter what weapon you hunt with, but even better using the one he chose that year.

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That is a beast of a buck.

That is a beast of a buck. Congrats to you Mr. Jeff Weber. That's pretty impressive to take that buck with just a few shorts weeks of practice with a new bow. Most will go a life time without seeing a deer like that. If i were him I'd hang up the rifle and bullets and keep flinging those arrows. Good luck trying to top that monster though. I'd probably retire from hunting if I ever harvested a buck like that. I'll be looking for a follow up story to see what it scored and see if it was a new state record or not.

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Wow, congratulations on a

Wow, congratulations on a fine looking buck. Very nice thick rack for sure. The problem is it will be hard for him to top that one since it was his first with a bow. Hunted with a bow for years and never even came close to a deer like that.

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Try something new

Great example of someone trying something new and going for it.  It's easy for all of us to kind of get stuck in a rut whether it's always hunting the same areas, using the same weapons, or even always going with the same people.  Could be fun to go for it and try something new this season.  Might be kind of late to make that decision for this year, I guess.  But hey, you can get an early start on something new for next year.

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  WOW!!!  That is a BEAST of


WOW!!!  That is a BEAST of a Buck!  He is definitely an old buck as well.  Not a lot of weight based on the pictures - but still an awesome rack!  If I had seen that same buck in my trail cam I too would have hunted every day for a month or more until I could get a shot at this monster!  Congrats to Jeff Weber and his first bow harvested buck! That is one great buck to be proud of for harvesting with his first bow - and a used one at that!