November 2011 Grand Slam Challenge Starts Tomorrow!

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The November round of the BigGameHunt Grand Slam Challenge Contest starts tomorrow! 

We have an impressive line-up of prizes provided by sponsors and Bushnell! Together they have generously donated an exciting variety of high quality optics. is a Texas based retailer of outdoor products, such as scopes, binoculars, trail cameras, night vision, flashlights, knives and more. is an Authorized Dealer of Bushnell products and carries their full line, including scopes, binoculars, spotting scopes and accessories. Bushnell is a leading outdoor products company that designs, manufactures and markets products for many outdoor activities, including hunting.

Check out the contest announcement page to see all the new prizes up for grabs in September. Do review the official contest rules as well. Scoring has changed. 

Information to help get started with contributing your photos and stories to BGH!

Tips and Story submission guidelines:

Thank you and Bushnell for your support and sponsorship!


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I have been on the forum for

I have been on the forum for just over a year now I think and can't say enough about how great it's been. I signed up just to learn and share information but the contest has made it even better. I didn't compete for the first months I was around but since that time have won many great prizes. The list of sposors just like Vanguard this month has been impressive and some of the prizes absolutely amazing.A big thank you to BGH for having the contests in the first place and then to all the great sponsors who put up the prizes.

Another great list thos month!! Good luck guys.

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This site continues to be the

This site continues to be the best for coast to coast hunting information!  Thanks again for the great contests.  A year and a half of these things, and you're still going strong!!!

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What a great forum!  I wish I

What a great forum!  I wish I would have found this website years ago.  Not only are the forums extremely helpful to many, it also has fantastic prizes and great sponsors.  BGH has it goin' on for sure.  Thanks for a great place to hang out and for keeping the contests full of great stuff.

GooseHunter Jr's picture

Thanks for doing all that you

Thanks for doing all that you do for us.  You have some really good sponsors that have always stgepped up with some great prozes.  Keep up the great work...this is a great plaxce to hang out and talk with fellow hunters and tell lies....I mean share some great stories and tips!!

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  A Great big thank you to


A Great big thank you to BGH for another great contest month!  A Great big thank you also goes to Webyshops and Bushnell for sponsoring and providing such great prizes.  BGH, Webyshops, and Bushnell generate a great amount of information, stories, photo's and tips - all great things for providing a great web site... and some competition!  Thanks BGH!


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Looks like another great line

Looks like another great line up prizes for Novembers contest. Thanks to BGH and Webyshop and bushnell for sponsoring the contest!! You guys rock! These contest have been fun for everyone who participates in them. Thanks again for the great chance at some very nice prizes.