Not Quite Goldilocks and the Three Bears

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Several bears had to be put down in Manitoba after cottage break-ins. A female and her 3 cubs were put down near Lac du Bonnet. They had broken into a couple of cottages and had tried to get into several more. In one incident a man had walked into his kitchen and found the bear in there. The bears ran off each time there was a human encounter, but with the bears relying on human residences for food they had to be put down for public safety.

The cubs were killed as well, because they were learning bad behavior from their mother, the first year is when the cubs learn everything to survive. Also without their mother their survival didn't look very promising. Two other bears were killed near West Hawk Lake. There have been less reports of bear sightings lately as the bears natural food is finally appearing. Once the berries and other food starts, there are less cottage break-ins. From Winnipeg Sun.


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Man, with all these type of

Man, with all these type of reports coming up, I think I should start setting stands up in peoples' yards.  I might have more success that way. lol

While it is very sad that they had to kill the whole group of bears, it is a necessary thing.  Once they start relying on humans for their food, whether directly or indirectly, that can only lead to trouble.

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It is sad when they have to

It is sad when they have to be put down like this. They really hadn't posed a threat to any one yet but you can't take that chance when they keep showing up where they are not supposed to. I wonder what got them started looking for food in cabins anyway. did someone leave trash out or an open door where she got a free meal in the past? Once the behavior works for them they will continue doing it. It shows how careful you need to be and even in cases where your not intentionally getting something started like the case in Eagle Colorado, you still might be anyway. 

Too bad they couldn't have just captured the cubs or something rather than having to kill them as well as they were only following along.

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That is too bad to hear,

That is too bad to hear, sorry to hear that had had become such a menace to have to be put down.  But better to doit know than to have to wait until they serioulsy hurt or kill somebody.  I wonder if they had tried to reloacte the bears if that would have worked by putting them in a different situation or location.  But whats done is done and for the most part probably the best idea.