North Carolina Man Banned From Hunting Worldwide

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As part of an agreement with federal authorities in Kentucky, a North Carolina man has been banned from hunting anywhere in the world for two years. Rodney L. Poteat of Salisbury North Carolina illegally harvested a 14 point whitetailed buck and took it back to his house, then again he harvested and transported a bobcat. Problem is, he hunted them in Kentucky, lives in North Carolina and did not have non-resident tags. Both happened in November of 2010.

With each of these instances Poteat failed to purchase a non-resident hunter's license, failed to report the harvest and failed to make a report to transport it out of state. From these actions he owes Kentucky's Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources $5,300 in restitution, and $50 in special penalty assessments. Also Poteat agreed to not hunt anywhere in the world for the next 2 years.

Poteat was charged in July and sentenced in September in U.S. District Court in Kentucky. He will have unsupervised probation, the ban on hunting was a condition of this sentence. From


ok but see that is the problem

ok but see that is the problem because i know alot of poachers that have got caught and they have got there guns taken from them and they just have someone buy them a gun for them and see u people just dont even know because my cousins wifeys brother poaches more than i eva seen and he will only shoot bucks tho well like a couplez of years ago his son shoot a illegal deer on someone property and it was a 30 pointer buck and he didnt get caught yet i think it is funny


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It's good too see he got

It's good too see he got caught nad won't be hunting for a little while anyway. The world wide ban seems to make a big statement but I bet it was just a way to get his sentence reduces in the overall picture. I would like to know if he ever hunted the world before or had plans to in the future. He was probably loking at more years here and got it shortened to include the whole world. In reality his fine and punishment is not that bad at all.

We have seen far bigger penalties in other states.

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Turn in a Poacher

While the state or federal government cannot tell another country to not allow a person to hunt there it can uphold the sentence it has provided if it can be proven Mr. Poteat goes back out and hunts within that 2 year period. In my opinion they should have thrown him in jail for 2 years and fined him far greater. If you read the story link in full the illegal activity occured over an 8+ year period. That is obvious he is a habitual poacher. Minimally, Mr. Poteat should have received supervised probation and he should pay for the supervision costs associated. Many other states have far greater jail time/fines for poachers - thankfully. All poachers steal from legal hunters.




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This guy was lucky that he

This guy was lucky that he only lost his hunting rights for a couple of years. I think it should be a little bit longer than just two years.

I think that these people who commit crimes like this are going to do it again it is only a matter of time. People like this should not be let back into a field. He is just showing that he has no respect for hunting or the outdoors.

I hope this guy has learned his lesson and does straighten his act up and enjoys hunting the way it is supposed to be enjoyed.

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Seems to me also that it

Seems to me also that it could be very hard to enforce this worldwide, but I hope they can.  My guess would be if he has to resort to poaching he most likely would not have the means to head out of the country to hunt.  I like this sentence as it sends a message out to others that the states are really starting to crack down on poaching and are not gonna nstand for it anymore.  Get caught, you had better be ready to pay for it.

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Very cool.  As I said

Very cool.  As I said yesterday, I cannot believe they are trying to enforce it worldwide.  Pretty cool if they can do it.

But as i have said before, the unfortunate thing is that these people have already broken the law, illegally killed game, etc., so why do we think they'll stop if we take away their license?  They just won't be able to LEGALLY kill a deer, that's all.

I don't know what the answer really is, but this is a good start.  Maybe we could make them wear tracking collars or something.  lol

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GOOD, don't do the crime if

GOOD, don't do the crime if you cannot do the time but see this as very hard to enforce worldwide. Of course as a poacher he agreed not to hunt but that might not stop him since he is a poacher. All we can hope is that maybe he has learned his lesson.