North Carolina Gun Laws Changing

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A new bill in North Carolina will give law abiding gun owners more rights and protection. Governor Perdue signed into law House Bill 650, which will become valid December 1st. Gun owners who use their guns for protection against intruders at home, in their car, at work, will be safe from criminal or civil charges. The bill also allows concealed carry at the state parks.The bill makes it a state felony offense to give false information to a licensed arms dealer, previously it was only federal, now one would have to face federal and state felony offenses.

Of course with all politics there are supporters and non-supporters. Supporters acknowledge that this is for law abiding citizens, criminals don't follow the law anyway. 

Since many people use the state parks, non-supporters do not like that there will be firearms in the parks. Non-supporters also believe that due to the abundance of wildlife, people would suddenly and randomly start shooting deer, making it unsafe for others to enjoy the park. Gun advocates say this is highly unlikely to happen. From


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sounds like good news to me

This sounds like good news to me. Kudos to the state of North Carolina and the voters there.  It is noce to know that somewhere people have common sense.  It seems to be sorely lacking in New York state.  I love the mountains here and have grown up becoming familiar with the flaura and fauna.  I would probably never leave New York - even given the long cold winters - except that the politics have brought us to where we are today.  I can't see how or why anyone would stay here.  The taxes are now the highest in the nation and ever increasing, but even worse than that is that every new law seems to inhibit personal liberty from religion to firearms ownership.  Common sense seems to have left the state along with most of teh tax paying God fearing population.  Is it any wonder that the state is going down the toilet on every scale?  I will try to stick it out until I can draw a pension, but as soon as I retire, I'm gone to another state with my votes, my money, and my family.  North Carolina does not look like a bad choice to me.  Maybe there is some small hope of voters bringing some sense back here, but I fear that it may be too late.  In fact, I am begionning to believe in wide scale election fraud here because I can't find anyone who admits to voting for teh people who get elected, and re-elected.  Makes you wonder doesn't it?