North Carolina Couple Go On South African Hunting Adventure

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Keith and Lauren Mallory traveled to South Africa for 10 days to live out Keith's hunting dreams. Keith is an avid hunter, this was his first trip to Africa. Mallory is retired from the Coast Guard and now works at the Coast Guard base for United Research Services on the J-model helicopter upgrade. His inspiration for hunting and traveling came from watching TV shows.

Keith was very busy during his 10 day trip, he went on 11 hunts, hunting a different animal each time. Lauren accompanied him on 8 of the trips, and was his photographer. This was her first time accompanying Keith on a hunt, and she enjoyed it, not sure if she would want to do it at home though. Here there was a lot more to see, they could be in one area and see rhinos, or giraffes walking by. The hunts were guided in a fenced in area, that gave Keith reservations at first, but the area was as big as Pasquotank County and rich with game.

Keith's favorite animal during the trip was the kudu, an antelope like animal that has long spiraling horns and can weigh up to 500 lbs. He had a passion for the kudu since seeing one on TV. The horns on his measured at 52 inches. Keith used a Rugar No. 1 and a .300 Winchester Magnum on his hunts. On subsequent hunts Mallory added gemsbok, black wildebeest, blue wildebeest, zebra, springbok, blesbok, impala, common reedbuck, red hardebeest and warthog to his list. All 11 animals are currently being crated and will be shipped back to the United States, then sent to a taxidermist. While in Africa, they ate the game meat every day, and whatever meat was left over is donated to orphanages except meat from the zebra which might be used for predatory hunts.

Keith and Lauren plan on going back to South Africa, but with more sightseeing thrown in this time. Keith now is helping two neighborhood boys get their hunting safety course under their belts and out hunting. From The Daily Advance.


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sounds like

Wow!  Sounds like an incredible adventure.  I find it interesting that Keith hunted a different animal on each trip out and it was determined before they left.  I would have thought that they would go out and find any animal on his list that was a good one.  In other words, if they were hunting impala and they came on a huge kudu that he would have taken it.

The game is so plentiful in South Africa and they pretty much intermingle with each other.  You can see a plethora of different animals in any one given area.  My thought is that you would go out and take whatever "good" animal you came on first.

That leads me to wonder about the fence.  Even though the area is huge, maybe the guide (PH) knows where each of the species hangs out.  I understand the reason for fences, but it somehow seems to take away a bit of the hunt.  Game animals in South Africa as pure and simple "revenue".  People are trying to protect their assets and keep them in a certain area.  They actually go out and purchase good animals to "plant" in their fenced in area.  It is a business, pure and simple.  And the poaching in South Africa is terrible.  With a chunk of land that size, you can understand how difficult it is to police it.

I would love to see pictures of Keith's animals.  I hope he picks a good taxidermist.  I have seen guys spend a sizable chunk of change on a good hunt, only to have the results ruined by a poor taxidermist.  The Africans will encourage you to have the animals mounted there and shipped back complete.  The cost of shipping the completed animal is higher but the money you save on taxidermy makes up for it.  They will argue that taxidermists there know better how to mount their animals.  That is just not true.  A good American taxidermist is hard to beat and he has the best equipment to do a good job.

Congratulations to Keith and Mallory on such a wonderful trip.  Sounds like you had a fantastic time and were very successful.


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Sounds like a dream trip!!  I

Sounds like a dream trip!!  I hope to go some day and take my dad with me.  He has shown me so much over the years and be have be come one when we are out hunting.  I know he has always wanted to go to Africa and a cape Buffalo.  I hope to do this in the next 5 years, so along as nothing changes in my work. 

I am really glad to see the older hunters out showing the young hunters the way.  Hunting safety is the way to start. 

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An African hunting adventure

An African hunting adventure is definately at the top of my list of things to do someday and I have begun saving to do without putting an end to my regular trips so it's goung to be a number of years before it can happen. It's great that his wife was able to go along and enjoy the hunt and take the pictures for him.It always adds to the fun when you can share it with someone important to you.

I was surprised at the mention of the high fence even though it stated that the property was very large. Iwould like to know more as I have never seen anyone else mention that before. Is that a normal situation or something isolated to the area or type of hunt that he went on? Since I have never been there it's possible that things are very different than I envision even after all the great stories I have read over the years. Anyway I still don't like the mention of the fence being part of the hunt.

Congratulations on the hunt of a lifetime though as I'm sure it will be a one time thing for me when ai finally get there.