Noodling Gets the Go Ahead From Texas Senate

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Texas Senators passed a bill allowing hand fishing for catfish that will please many noodlers. Right now if a noodler gets caught there is a $500 fine. Noodlers will have to have a fishing license and freshwater stamp. Enduring joking questions from fellow senators, bill sponsor Sen. Bob Deuell said he's never noodled, but that the bill needed to be passed for the "noodlers of Texas." The house had already approved it, the next step before it is passed is Governor Perry's signature. From


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I have watched a few shows on

I have watched a few shows on noodling and although interesting I think think I'll just stick to using a fishing pole myself. It's good to see this pass for those who enjoy it though as I don'r see the point of a 500 dollar fine for catching a fish with your bare hands. Just getting a license like everyone else should be enough. It still amazes me this actually works and the fish just don't take off and get away. My luck I'd grab a snapping turtle or a snake or something instead.