No More Hunting For Idaho Man

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Roger J. Woodworth bought a hunting license, then applied and won the lottery for either sex bighorn sheep in Montana. Sounds like a dream come true. The hunting license Woodworth purchased was a resident Montana license - Woodworth resides in Idaho.

The hunt occurred in 2009 in unit 482 with Woodworth bagging a trophy ram. In 2010, a tip was called in and the investigation into Woodworth's residency began. Leaving the only thing to be confiscated, the ram's mounted head.

Woodworth was charged with unlawful possession of a trophy bighorn sheep, a felony, and hunting bighorn sheep without a valid license, a misdemeanor. In the plea agreement, Woodworth has to:

  • Pay a fine of $735 plus court costs of $75.
  • Pay $12,395 restitution to the state.
  • Give up his hunting, fishing and trapping privileges for life.
  • Give up the bighorn sheep mount.

This was not Woodworth's only case of illegally buying a resident hunting license. As part of a plea deal for the state to drop the felony charges Woodworth pled guilty and paid $600 for illegally purchasing resident licenses in Missoula and Lewis and Clark counties. From Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks.


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All for the sake of saving

All for the sake of saving some dollars on an out of state license?  I can't figure out what motivates a poacher, it can't possibly be just a few hundred dollars in license fees.  The best part is they caught him and then they puts the screws to him.  I'm glad he's lost his hunting priviledges for life--he doesn't deserve them.  Enjoy finding a new hobby to cheat at!

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  Now that is more like it! 


Now that is more like it!  Great Job to the prosecuting attorney's, the FWP investigators, and the judge in the case.  It is good to read of a sentence on a poacher that should have a ripple affect - to some degree.  Even if this pursuades one poacher to not do the crime anymore it is a success.  This case also sets a precedence for other similar future cases and should more easily be used by prosecuting attorney's to get the same or stiffer sentences on other poachers.  A great day for Montana and Idaho wildlife agencies and the law-abiding hunters in those two states.  Hopefully this article is far reaching across many states and provides some additional change in the poachers who read.


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Finally at least we have a

Finally at least we have a poaching case where the person was caught and forced to pay for the crime. The penalty is severe and hopefully the word will get out and others will take notice and not do these stupid things. I'm wondering though does this really only affect his home state of Idaho or due to the multi state compact will he be pretty much done hunting everywhere? I have known of a couple of other guys around here that got busted with the residency thing when hunting in abother state where they owned property but for them the penalty was a very small fine. Anyway poaching is poaching and this is just another form of it.

Good catch to the game departments involved.

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Wow, now that's punishment! 

Wow, now that's punishment!  Glad to see this from Idaho!  Not just a simple fine, or loss of hunting licenses for a year or 2, but a BIG fine, and lifetime loss of hunting!  I guess he'll actually have to move to another state and actually become a resident LEGALLY if he intends to ever hunt again!!

Very nice!  Good to see another law breaker get a good, stiff penalty.  He stole from all those other hunters who applied, and could have gone in his place.

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Sounds to me like they threw

Sounds to me like they threw a pretty good book at him...good for them in making a great example of these dirt bags and what is gonna start happening to all these people that go out and poach or try to buck the system just to take away a hunt and animal from a true sportsman.