No Expulsion for Demari DeReu

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Last week we posted an entry about Demari DeReu, the Columbia Falls Montana high school honor student, that faced expulsion for accidentally leaving a locked, unloaded hunting rifle in her vehicle in the school's parking lot.

Fortunately it looks like Ms. DeReu has returned to school after the school board unanimously decided not to expel her. The Flathead Beacon has the complete story.

Demari DeReu, 16, met with the School District 6 Board of Trustees at a public expulsion hearing Monday night that drew a crowd of about 150 to Glacier Gateway Elementary. After the unanimous vote to readmit DeReu to school and expunge her record at the end of the school year, the crowd cheered and gathered to congratulate her. DeReu said she looks forward to getting back to cheerleading and hanging out with her friends. “I’ll go back to school and try to get back to what’s normal,” she said. “I’m ecstatic.”


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Well, all is well that ends

Well, all is well that ends well... if it does end up ending well (sorry, it will make sense in a second). It is great news to hear that she is not going to end up being expelled but it sounds like the forced out-of-school suspension could be making her search for a college a little more difficult. It is going to be a serious tragedy for that poor girl if their dumb decision costs her a chance at a good university. They ended up coming to the right conclusion but why in the heck did it take so long to make that decision? All of the evidence pointed to the fact that it was an honest mistake... there wasn't even ammunition present in the vehicle and it was locked up in the trunk. When she remembered that it was in the car, she reported the information immediatly. This does not sound like the behavior of someone that is planning a school shooting. They should have been able to weigh the evidence and take care of the situation right away. I hope that everything works out for the poor girl. She seems like she had everything going for her before this incident.

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That's just awesome

That's just awesome news.!!!!

My parents and I were just discussing this today, about how we have gone overboard as a society in our need to protect everyone.

Glad to see they didn't come up with some lame "zero tolerance" excuse. 

She'll learn to check her trunk before she leaves home next time though, I bet!


Thank goodness Montanan's don't just leave decision making to the letter of the law. Common sense is applied. The same carelessness in other states and cities would have this girl branded as a criminal for life. The ACLU would rather go after her her than defend her rights to a fair and just punishment for an unintentional offense.

It was careless, not criminal. Was there intent? History? No! Kudos to the administrators for making a just decision. Many learned much from this.

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I didn't see any mention of

I didn't see any mention of the ACLU in the story.  Is there more to the story than what was published?  How and why is the ACLU going "after her than defend her...?"

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That's great news!

I'm glad that the board was thinking with a clear mind and sided with common sense in this case!

CVC, I agree completely with your suggestion and thought process in this case!  Why would they even consider taking an education away from an up-standing student for a careless mistake?

I'm also glad with the timing on this case.  I just wonder if they would have thought any differently if the story from the Florida board meeting had come out sooner.  I know it doesn't have much to do with this case but they are both school board meetings involving guns.


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Not specifically related to

Not specifically related to this story, but in general, I have to question the wisdom of expelling students for these types of violations.  Unless the student is thought to be a danger to the other students why expel them?  Sure punish them for violating the rules, but allow them to continue with their education.  No sports, dances, etc., but don't disrupt their education.