No Change to Duluth Bow Hunt

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When Duluth created their urban bow hunting season for deer, the Arrowhead Bowhunters Alliance was created to organize the hunt. ABA was created out of need to have someone step up and run the hunt, now there is concern with how ABA is handling the hunt. Duluth City Council members wanted to change some of the rules of the hunt. One would be to require a hunter harvest two antlerless deer before getting a buck. Now the rule is one antlerless deer before getting a buck. There was concern that ABA was turning it into a trophy hunt. The goal for community members is to harvest more deer.

Councilors Jay Fosle and Jackie Halberg, were the only two council members to vote for the two antlerless, and they are the ones who came up with the proposal. “It’s clear to me (the ABA) runs this as a big buck contest,” Fosle said. “As far as I’m concerned the city should run this bow hunt.” ABA members said their urban bow hunt is one of the most successful in the nation, why fix something that is not broke.

Monday another ordinance was passed where an archer can shoot within 400 feet of a building as long as they have written permission from all nearby property owners. From Duluth News Tribune.


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wow sound to me like a deer

wow sound to me like a deer problem to me.  If they are anything like NM when it comes to managing there biggame maybe its better someone else does it. 

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While it is a little strange

While it is a little strange to let the hunt club run the hunt, as you said, I don't think they need to go as far as to require that 2 does be shot prior to shooting a buck.  One should be sufficient.

Other states have the earn a buck program, and they have all pretty much been successful at reducing or balancing the herd by simply requiring that hunters shoot only one doe first.

Of course, if it's really, really overpopulated, I could see this being of need.  However, this does not seem to be the case.  As for the club running a big buck contest, that just leaves people with a bad impression of hunters, further solidifying their position that hunters are only in it for the "sport".

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I as well think it's a little

I as well think it's a little strange that a hunting club has so much control over a public deer hunt, especially in an urban environment such as that one. Maybe that'd the way of things up there but it's new to me. I myself would have no problem with the two antlerless requirement but I'm sure others would. I have read that in similar situation guys have been known to kill the first ones they see no matter even if fawns and sometimes wasting the meat just to get the tag they really want. THere's no excuse for something like that as I have always found many people begging for the meat that I have extra. I'ts possible though that they could actually lose hunters that don't have enough time top hunt for three deer and would go elsewhere to hunt for bucks sooner. Agin I just love to be hunting and would love the opportunity to have the chance for three deer tags so matter what the gender.

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It does strike me odd as they

It does strike me odd as they would let a club run the hunts, but as a club you have expect that they are gonna manage the herd to help produce biiger and healthier deer.  I do not see a problem with the two "anterless" deer killed before they can kill a buck.  The bunters will get to harvest more deer and it may make the hunting better in the long run....which could even mean more bigger bucks.  My hats off to the city for allowing for the hunts to happen in the first place.