NJ Supreme Court Rejects Anti-Hunting Petition

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It appears that New Jersey's black bear hunt will start Monday December 6th as scheduled after Judge Edwin Stern denied the petition to stop the black bear hunt.

This will be the first state black bear hunt since 2005 and anti-hunter groups are expected to turn out at check stations to protest. According to NorthJersey.com The group is now turning its attention to showing up at bear weigh stations this week to protest. The league also has three hunt-related lawsuits pending against the state Department of Environmental Protection, said Angela Metler executive director of the Animal Protection League of New Jersey.


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Thank goodness there are some

Thank goodness there are some sane judges left in this world. Congrats to the NJ hunters for being able to have their hunt as scheduled. Anyone hear of any bears taken in NJ today?

Bears and wolves bring out the liberal animal preservationists. Hunters and their taxes are responsible for bringing these animals back from near extinction. Why shouldn't they be allowed to have a part in the management plan of these animals?

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Very nice to see.  This is

Very nice to see.  This is good news indeed.  Hopefully we will now see some stories of some fun, safe, and successful hunts coming out of New Jersey.  As I said in the other thread though, they may not be able to stop it in court, but you can bet that a few of them will be out in the woods trying to harass some unfortunate hunters.

Does anyone know if New Jersey is one of the states with a hunter harrassment law on the books?

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Congratulation indeed. I am

Congratulation indeed. I am glad that sound management is finally going to take place in that state for the first time in a couple years. As usual, I am not sure how the anti hunting crowd has succeeded in looking past all the facts and logic that go along with a well regulated bear hunt. I am not sure why they would rather see humans and their property get attacked and bears get killed by department of natural resource staff than have a hunt where the public can take part in and prevent the problem of bear overpopulation. They never cease to amaze me. Judge Edwin Stern just might have a brain... that is kind of hard to believe after all the idiotic rulings distant judges have been making with the wolf debate. I hope that some hard working, average joes from New Jersey get to take some awesome bears come December 6th. And I also hope that the anti hunters don't cause that big of a fuss at the check stations. I can not quite figure out what they think they are going to get done with that strategy either.

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Congratulation guys now have

Congratulation guys now have a good one!